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CrossFit is not for Everyone



Before I start I want to make a very clear statement: “CrossFit is for EVERYONE!” Just keep reading and my hope is that you will realize it is for you also!


What do you imagine when you think of a “CrossFit Gym/Box” or the athletes within those walls?

The reason this topic has come up is because the mass population is intimidated by the stereotypical idea of CrossFit.  The fear of elite fitness workouts, the “beach bodies” and fear of failing is initially what keeps us normal folks from taking the first step towards CrossFit.  Is any of this familiar to you?


I have great news!  The people  inside the walls of  StoneWay CrossFit are just like you.  They are normal human beings who have a normal life and have  goals as you do!  They want to lose weight, increase strength, achieve that six-pack, get ready for their wedding, feel comfortable with their shirt off, feel comfortable in their swim suit, get in the best shape of their life, look amazing for their upcoming class reunion and the list goes on.


The Truth about  StoneWay CrossFit:

-It’s hard (mentally and physically)

-There’s a learning process.

-There are beginners classes (Any legit gym will have a “Fundamentals/Essentials” program)

-CrossFit coaches are trained professionals

-ALL CrossFit gyms (that are legit) offer a FREE consultation with a certified CrossFit Coach before having you ever spending a dollar

-In a consultation, you will discuss: goals, injuries, fears, expectations

-Thinking “I am out of shape” Will never change, even athletes that have been training for years think this. CrossFit is constantly varied and you will feel this way even at your best

-The CrossFit community is unlike any thing you have ever been a part of


There are so many things that keep people from trying CrossFit and it’s simply because of the misconception of CrossFit.  I have been a personal trainer for over 7  years and I have been practicing the CrossFit methodology personally for over four years and using it with  ALL my clients for over three and a half years.  My clientele has ranged from ages 10 to 80 years old and there has never been one person who could not do CrossFit


Tough Love

CrossFit is not for everyone! The purpose of this statement is because the CrossFit intensity, dedication and training is not for everyone.  When I say it’s not for everyone I’m simply referring to the individual who is not willing to put themselves through the regiment program.


When you walk into StoneWay Crossfit for a class you will be given a warm-up, and a workout, For example,  Each day we practice a formal introduction as a group that I call the “Ice Breaker”  be expected to participate and encourage all the athletes in your class.  For some individuals this is too much interaction and accountability.  That is why I say,”CrossFit is not for Everyone!”


I firmly believe StoneWay CrossFit  is 100% legit and  anyone who walks though our doors will realize CrossFit is for them.  Our coaches hold each of their athletes to standard which simply means they care about their athletes safety and progression.


If you are still on the fence thinking, “Is CrossFit for me?” Please contact me and I will personally  show you a version of CrossFit that would work for you. Or I will connect you with a local CrossFit gym that I believe will help you.


Contact me at

Game Time

There have been whispers. There have been rumors. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you — they’re all true and there is STILL TIME!!!!

The Whole Life Challenge is back, and it’s bigger and better than before! The WLC started at CrossFit LA a year and a half ago, and our first time at StoneWay CrossFit. Therefore you can always say that you were among the first to play in Seattle. This time there are around  10,000-20,000 people from affiliates around the world participating!

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week health and fitness game that will have you take a 10,000 foot, birds-eye view of your whole life inside of your commitment to your health and well-being. You will take on your nutrition, your workouts, your daily habits, and maybe most importantly, your personal beliefs about what’s possible for you. The game is played online (and for those of you who have played before — we have a brand new site for you!) AND in your life. You will be measured at the beginning of the challenge in a prelims event where you will do a baseline workout and complete some basic body measurements. Everyday you will follow the specific rules and guidelines of the challenge and every day you will log online and give yourself a score for how you did the day before. This isn’t about getting a perfect score every day, it’s about having a score each day to know how effective you are. Increasing your effectiveness over the course of the challenge is where it’s at! After 8-weeks you will repeat the measurements again to see how you improved and who won!

The best part is, you are welcome to invite your friends and family to play along with you in the game and have them get the same great results that you get!

Here are the details:
Entry Fee: $45 for everyone–all members, friends, and family.
Prelims: Saturday, February 16th (Registration closes 2/22, it has been extended)
Finals: Saturday, April 13th

Athlete registration is open at this LINK and join our time StoneWay Tribe.
Friends & Family may play along with you, but you must be registered first to invite them to join.

Your first step — visit our official Facebook Fan Page and like it! It’s already starting to pick up notice because of our daily post and conversations regarding this challenge!

For more details, talk to a staff member or your coach at StoneWay CrossFit or email me personally,!

My Training Lately Sucks | Seattle CrossFit Gym in Queen Anne

Training for me has been the most consistent as the last 6 months.  In the “consistent department” I couldn’t be any more happier.  Now, the “Performance Department” is a completely different situation.  The last 2 months haven’t been as “awesome” as I’d like and to an extent I’ve been puzzled.  There  has NEVER been a time in my life that my performance has felt so lacking and  somewhat revers.   To be honest I have never tested myself to this degree to have ever noticed if the “reversal effect” was present.  To some this may be a huge surprise because I have been a Personal Trainer for almost 7 years and an avid CrossFitter for over 3 1/2 years.  Let me explain.  When I started CrossFit I did whatever what was on the main site.  If it was light or heavy, I did it.  I would also repeat WOD’s (i.e. “Fran”, “Murph”, “Sevens”, etc) and have PR’d everyone of them.  However, I started a new protocol that simply challenges me on a daily basis which has a higher workload.  I definitely questioned my fitness almost on a daily basis, which is exactly what one needs!

In the beginning I would complete each workout  knowing it would be one of the hardest WOD’s I’ve done, but only because it was incredibly heavy!  However, that was awesome because that’s exactly what I needed, especially since I wanted to compete for 2013 “CrossFit Open”.  I have desired strength for the longest time and finally feel I’m on the right path.  So the problem came 2 months ago when I didn’t feel like I was even close to the strength I’ve had in the past, especially in my squat, snatch and jerk.  And………..that’s when I realized I had a problem!  I had been taxing my body so hard without proper recovery.  I solved this by keeping rest days normal, I Increased mobility,  water consumpton, started taking Krill Oil (Omega+) and  getting more sleep.  I am now just starting to feel normal again and also starting to see some gains in performance FINALLY, but it’s been a very slow process.

So, “what’s your point?” I’m glad you asked.  My point is that you wont always perform at your BEST, your body is going to go through these cycles which can be frustrating but  you need to be patient.  If you ever start feeling like you are “hitting the wall” or starting to feel abnormal from your norm, stop and think about what needs to be different in your regimen.  (This statement could stand true to many things in life not just training.)  The great thing about CrossFit is that is that it is always challenging, always changing and you are never comfortable.  However, you still have to take care of your body, the more you challenge it the more you need to nurture it.

I Am a Seattle Marathon “Finisher!!!”

Mile 18 in the Medic Tent get my IT Band Taped

I have not blogged since I ran the marathon last Sunday so It’s hard to get the words to rolls off my head and type with ease.  Since I am blogging I have officially survived the marathon without dying:)  Not that was ever a concern but for dramatic purposes I thought I’d put that little zip in today.  Acutally, as my wife Katie and I were driving the night before she did ask me,”What if you can’t do it?  What will you do?”  Of course as a man I told her,”I won’t have that problem!”  In reality I had butterflies in my stomach the entire week because everything I had trained for over the past 8 weeks was now going to be tested.  Was CrossFit Endurance legit?  Was I prepared enough?  Did I eat properly enough to do what I was about to do?  Was my body going to shut down on the course?  What would I do if I didn’t finish?  All these questions were running through my head the week prior to the marathon and on the morning of the event.  But once the horn went off It was “Game Time”.

Preview Video: Seattle Marathon Preview (Night Before)

Once the race started I made sure I was with or slightly ahead of the pacer.  I had decided I wanted to finish the marathon in 4 hours and if I was going to do that I needed to keep a 9:08 minute mile.  My friend Meg Gayman told me no matter how good I feel stay with the pacer and ONLY if I feel like a “Rockstar” at mile 20 should I increase my pace.  So I stuck to her advice and did not leave that pace.  Everything was going perfect, if anything it felt like I was going a tad bit slow.  I was noticing that my breathing rate was very mellow almost so mellow that I could have a conversation.  Even though everything was feeling great I constantly had the thought in the back of my mind just waiting for “something” to happen but so far everything was solid.  We had crossed the I-90 bridge and it was raining slightly but when we flipped a U-Turn after crossing the bridge and came back across the wind had picked up along with the intensity of the rain.  It was at this time I thought,”What the heck am I doing out here?”  I was just passing the 8 mile mark at this time.  As I passed the 11 mile mark the rain has stopped and I was heading towards Seward park.  Again, everything was perfect.  I was running with a girl I had notice had a great pace going over the I-90 bridge so I had decided to just pace her and that was a great idea.

Some of my concerns starting the race were: blisters, dehydration, foot or feet hurting, stomach issues, having to stop to have a bowel movement.  None of those fears happened.  Thank goodness.  The entire time I was running I was waiting for something to happen simply because of all the stories I have heard.  At this point I was at mile 12 and I was still in the clear.  As I passed mile 13 I was on track for my 4 hour marathon and possibley finishing sooner if I could keep this pace.  Then the unexpected happened.  My left knee started to feel some intense pressure that I was able to push through until mile 14 that I needed to stop and walk.  This was the most unforseen thing to me and so very dissappointing if not flat out humbling.  I would then pick up my pace again for 5-10 minutes then I was back to my walk.  I was at mile 18 when I went to the medic tent to get taped.  My IT band flared up and the tape was suppose to add some support which it did.  I think if I had my old patella band I think it would have helped also.  After the taping I was able to run a little longer but was then back to walking.  This is how the rest of my race went.  Run (or should I say hobble) then walk.

Prior to the race I threw out an invite to my friends to join me on the course and I was so lucky to have a few take me up on that offer.  To this day I am convinced that I would had never finished like I did without their support.  Here is my list of people and when they joined me: Chery Creasey (16 mile), Erik Bee (17 miles), John Gayman (19 miles), Terry Rosencrantz (21 miles), Lily Rosencrantz (21 miles), Tara Peterson (22 miles), Jessica Seyfert (25 miles) and Jessica Fleming (25 miles)  Thank you to you all for your support and encouragement.  It was a very humbling experience having to walk and not have the ability to run.

What an amazing day!  The rain was pouring, it wasn’t too cold and I got to have some of the best support I have ever had.  Even though I didn’t finish my marathon within 4 hours I am so proud to say that I am a “Marathon Finisher!”  I ended finishing at 5 hours and 33 minutes.

Damn it feels good to be a "Finisher!"

CrossFit Endurance Summary

The main purpose of this experiment was to see if using the CrossFit Endurance protocol along with the CrossFit protocol enough to train for an endurance event (i.e. a Marathon).


In my conclusion I think this is solid program training for a marathon.  The only think I would do different is start my training earlier.  When I decided to train for the Seattle Marathon I was 2 months out.  The other thing I would do is focus on mobility, stretching and recovering more efficient (i.e. Taking full rest days).  In my training I made every workout and didn’t miss 1 training session.  This the first time ever that I trained for an event and my training was solid!  There has never been one doubt in my mind about this program but now I have just confirmed everything.


Thank you to everyone who has followed my journey and given me so much support!  Now, time to get ready for the 2012 CrossFit Open.

CrossFit Endurance Taper Week Has Begun!

Post-"Medball Medley" aka "Soul Crusher"

It has been a little over 7 weeks since I began my journey towards the Seattle Marathon.   My original purpose of attempting this event was to personally challenge myself not to mention it’s been on my “Bucket List”  for the past 2 to 3 years.  When I decided to train for the Seattle Marathon I knew I didn’t want to do the traditional marathon training (LSD) but rather use the CrossFit Endurance method.  The biggest reason was 1) Injury prevention and 2) Time.  The reason injury can be prevented if not simply reduced is because there is less long duration of pounding the foot to the ground over and over again.  Plus, there are only 3 days of training if you are training for a single sport.  Time is a huge personal issue because I don’t have that much and when I do have it it’s going towards family and business.  So to put it bluntly I only have time for Family and Business.  Everything else is bonus in my opinion.  So that is why I was so attracted to the CrossFit Endurance method.  The best thing also is that I started over 7 weeks ago and I did not have one distraction to take me off course.  Want to know what my secret is?  Having solid training partners ( I should write a about this soon).  So big shout out to Corey Mcgee, Joe Bauer, Erik Bee, Tony Woo, Meg Gayman, John Gayman, John Hubbard, Max Baker and many who have jumped in when needed!  Thank you!


Alright, my taper week has begun what does that mean?  Great question!  It simply means that I will not be working out at full intensity nor doing as many workouts this week.  Here is a quick summary of what my training has looked like for the past 7 weeks:

Monday-AM: Run (short intervals) PM: CrossFit

Tuesday-PM: CrossFit WOD

Wednesday-AM: Run (Long Intervals) PM: CrossFit

Thursday-PM: CrossFit

Friday-AM: Run (Time Trial) PM: CrossFit

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest


There has also been days that I did my CrossFit workout in the morning and swapped it for my CFE in the afternoon.  I ended up really enjoying my run in the morning.  There were also days that instead of just doing one CF workout I’d double up and do one in the AM and the other in the PM.  The protocol for CFE when doing both CFE and CF is to wait 3-4 hours in between.  I followed this for the most of my training.  There was actually only one day I did back to back but it was because I had to.

Now this is what my week training will be exactly.   I will not do any  more or less.  My schedule is as follows:

Sunday-Rest Day

Monday-20 minute run, 75% effort

Tuesday-Back Squat @ 70% of 5RM

Wednesday-“Helen” (3 round of-400m run/21 KB swings(53)/12 pull-ups) @ 70% effort

Thursday-Run: 8 x 200m @ 70% effort, 2 minute rest

Friday-Rest Day

Saturday-Rest or 15 minute run

Sunday-“Race Day”


Alright here’s to an amazing week!


“Eat Clean, Train Hard and Always Have Fun Doing It!”


CrossFit Endurance – Am I Crazy to Train for a Marathon?

My Vlogs from each workout last week- Watch!!!

CrossFit Endurance | Seattle Marathon Journey | Day 1/Week 4 WOD- 8 x 1:30 min sprint, 2:00 recovery

CrossFit Endurance: Day 2/Week 4 WOD- 1 mile run TT, 5:00 minute recovery. 4 x 600m run, 1:00 minute recovery

CrossFit Endurance: Day 3/Week 4 WOD- 13.1 miles TT

This weeks focus was all about nutrition and rest.  Ever since running my last TT (time trial) last week and I hit the wall I have made sure I’m eating enough throughout the day especially if I have multiple workout (CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance).  Time seem to want to get away from me constantly but since I had my workout to do at specific times during the week and day I was successful in all CFE workouts.  The “voice of defeat” was constant this week also.  Whenever I got busy or there was a time crunch the thought of skipping the workout sounded not as bad.  However,  I am so glad to have conquered those voices. 

The adjustments I made last week was I allowed myself a “Rest Day” on Thursday.  Since I was tired when I ran my most recent (at that time) TT I had to figure there was some type of “over training” that had to do with the low performance output.

I was rather impressed this week with my performances.  Most importantly my TT (13.1 miles).  I had ran that type of distance for over 3 years ago.  My time was 1:46.  If my records are accurate that was my last 13.1 mile time to the minute 3 years ago.  Downside to my run is my right foot has been in throbbing pain ever since Monday.  Not sure what it is but it hurts.  I’ll continue to monitor and rest if needed.  I’m excited to kickout week 5 in style!!!

Here we go!!!

Seattle Marathon| CrossFit Endurance Training for the Seattle Marathon

My Vlogs from each workout last week- Watch!!!

Monday- Day 1/Week 3 Video – 12 x 100m, rest 1 minute

Wednesday-Day 2/Week 3 Video – 6 x 800m run, rest 2 minute

Saturday-Day 3/Week 3 Video – 8.4 mile TT (time trial) (suppose to be 10 miles but it didn’t happen)


The art of training for a specific event takes dedication and being consistent in your training.  This weeks training was great as always but schedule seem to want to play a part of the “distraction” game.  As I have said in the beginning being a Dad is all about figuring out everyones schedule then you can figure out yours.  I do all my training during the week at work because I know that when I get home I’m home and whatever is going on there is what takes priority.  However, I wasn’t able to run my long run this week.  My TT should be on Friday’s but  my schedule was a lot more busier this week (that’s a good thing it just complicates my training) and I was unable to run, so my next option was Saturday.  Our football game was later in the day so I was able to sneak in a run before it (literally right before).  I actually had to cut it short do to being to the game (1 hour prior) on time.  However, scheduling is so important and then following through and sticking to it.


Usually you can predict your schedule 75% of the time and with that part of your schedule you should be able to accomplish whatever you plan on accomplishing.  For me right now it’s all about training for my marathon.  Eating and running are my key things (regarding fitness) I need to focus on right now, especially as my runs at the end of the week get longer.  If it’s 7 miles or less I can squeeze it in an hour or a tad bit over but after that I need to fine tune my running schedule.  I think in life overall it’s all about what really matters to you.  If it’s hanging out, reading, yard work, etc if it really matters you’re going to  need to schedule it.  In the big picture training isn’t the most important thing in my life but it does matter so I  need to plan ahead.  The most common thing I hear on a daily basis is that people wish they didn’t miss a workout last week or they wish they made it in one more day.  Plan ahead and whatever you want to get accomplished will get accomplished.  If you plan on getting up at 5am to workout at 6am then it will happen, if you leave any possibility that it may not happen then we didn’t really make that a priority.  We can use this in anything.  What do you need to schedule in your life?