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How to Bullet Proof Your Coffee

Bullet Proof Coffee

Seattle Coffee and butter

If any of you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook then you have heard about my new addiction.  For some of you this is your first interaction with any of my posts. So let me break down what my new addiction is. Butter in my coffer.  The recipe was a regular cup of joe (Fair trade, organic, decaf or reg.) combined with 2 tablespoons of Kerry Gold (unsalted) butter.  My first reaction was exactly what yours is right now!  Yuck!  This butter coffee craze was adjusted into my daily life,  I was still doing CrossFit,  eating clean, staying hydrated and burning fat with healthy fat (butter).


As you can imagine this perked my curiosity, so I decided to take the plunge and try it out.  Prior to this experiment I had been drinking my coffee black for 12 years.  The thought of adding something like butter to my coffee was different yet a possible perk!  After trying it out I did notice my lips were a little smoother.  The best part of it all was that I didn’t crave sweets and I was fuller longer.  If you know me personally you know that my favorite cheat treat is Oreos and ice cream. However I had no desire for it, not only throughout the day but more important at night time.  These were the immediate results.  As time went on (2 weeks) my pants were looser also. My literal response out loud was ,”What?!”  So far this was not a bad experiment.  After reading Dave Asprey’s blog post “Recipe: How to Make Coffee Bullet Proof and Your Morning Too” I started using my coffee and butter as my breakfast.

Why? Read this great article by John Kiefer “Carb Back-Loading Step 1: Breakfast”  After reading this explanation and the previous article I was sold that this set up was a successful way to start your day off.


Below is the instruction on how to Bullet Proof your own coffee each morning.  This is my personal prescription each morning and I highly recommend you try it out also.

Pre-Funk: Drink 20-40 oz of H2O (depending on weight) immediately after waking. DO NOT put anything in your mouth until you have finished your “Pre-Funk!”

Step 1: Make a pot of coffee

Step 2: Slice 2 tablespoons of Kerry Gold (unsalted) butter or any grass fed butter of your choice *natural flavor is NOT grass fed.

Step 3: Pour your 8-12 oz of coffee into your blender (I use my Blend Tec or Magic Bullet), add 2tbs of butter, then blend for no more then 10 seconds. You don’t want to increase too much pressure or have too much foam.

Step 4: Enjoy the foaming goodness!  Repeat a second cup when you feel your body can handle it. This is recommended at some point.


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You Matter! Stop Neglecting Yourself!


Yeah I’m talking to you!  You matter and you better start acting like it!  I work with clients day in and day out who let other “things” control their schedule or if they will get into the gym or not.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not being 100% insensitive right now I’m simply stating facts and I understand life happens but, you are only effective when you are fully taken care of.  When you are fully taken care of that is the ONLY time you will be fully capable of taking care of others.  So what am I getting at?  I want you to realize that you are just as important as your boss who wants you to work overtime/god awful hours, your kids who needs everything at every moment of your day, your friends who “Needs” something ASAP, etc.  What I am not saying is to neglect the people you love but find a balance.


Awhile ago things at the box (my CrossFit gym) were getting pretty busy and the time in the day seemed to just disappear.  Each day I felt like I was so far behind that I didn’t have time to train or give myself some “me time”.  But a good friend of mine threw out a few encouraging words which simply stated that I need to take care of myself and set aside time each day.  Ever since that talk things have never been so awesome!  I’m still super busy but I set aside time each day assuring I get my workout in.  I’m so proud to say that nothing gets in the way of my workout simply because I have schedule everything around it.  Now your “thing” may not be working out but it may be reading, running, knitting, painting, date nights with your significant other, girls/guys night out, or (you fill in the blank).  You get what I’m saying.  You are so important in so many ways that it’s a waste to neglect yourself for days, months or even years.  It’s such an excitement for me when I meet with a client who wants to get back on track with their fitness and put time into their self.  It’s also a bummer to me because I know that they have wasted years of neglecting their self that has led to the point they are at now.  Below are my Top 3 guidelines I give to my all my clients on how to stop neglecting themselves.  I am using fitness examples, if fitness is not your issue put yours in my guidelines.


Top 3 Way To Avoid Neglecting Yourself

1) Put your workouts in your personal and professional calendar.  Once you update your calendar personally and professionally everyone will be able to see that you are busy during that blocked out time.  The ability of creating boundries not only helps you stand up for yourself but conditions others around you.

2) Establish Some Accountability.  The ability to establish a form of accountability not only keeps you focused but decreases the chances of any type of failure.  I highly recommend finding a person who you look up to regarding fitness and grasp on to them like a leach.  This is also a great reason to find a trainer who is qualified to work with.  If you are paying someone there is a huge chance you will make each and everyone of your sessions.  If you miss it you just paid for it, literally!

3) Post Reminders.  In every spot in your house that you are constantly at post little sticky notes reminding yourself how important you are and that you matter.  The more you re enforce this new standard the faster you are going to believe it and that faster you are going to realize you deserve to be happy.


Here’s the testimony of one of my long time clients who is a mother of four children and who was busy raising kids for 20+ years and then starting investing back in herself.  Not only did her fitness increase but her performance did also.  She started running (5K, 1/2 marathon), doing Sprint Triathlons, then doing a 1/2 Ironman and overall starting investing in herself again!  Meet Terry!

Testimonial – Terry from stonewaycrossfit on Vimeo.


If you’d like to contact me email me at coachscott@stonewaycrossfit.com

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StoneWay CrossFit-"Looking Better Naked Challenge"

In May, StoneWay CrossFit will be holding its 1st Looking Better Naked Challenge. The challenge will be open to ALL StoneWay CrossFit and Fitness Lab members.

What is it and why?

The Looking Better Naked Challenge is all about living healthy, feeling better and looking awesome naked. This challenge is 6 weeks and is for EVERYONE! It’s strictly about changing your appearance and not based on pounds. The man and woman with the most transformed body will be determined the winner. Eventhough pounds are not the focus, you will see them drop, it will vary between 5-15lbs, some may also experience weight gain (in a good way). Either way, this will be a great way to kick start your looking better naked body!

What are the Rules?

1) Nutrition Seminar/Initial Photo Shoot- Saturday, May 1st @ 8am (before 9am class)
-Make up Photo- Monday, May 3rd- Saturday, May 8th

2) Contest last 6 weeks (May 3rd-June 19th)
3) Costs: $30
4) Each participant will have a before and after photo
-Frontal/side/back shot
-Women-shorts and sports bra/bikini

5) Must be present at ceremony on Saturday, June 19th to be eligible to win the contest
6) Person with the most improvement takes the prize!
7) Person with the most improvement by change of appearance takes the prize!
8) A person can participate in the contest and not have photo taken (but you cannot win any prizes)
9) Must have “After” photo taken between June 14th-17th

Will my photos end up on the StoneWay CrossFit site?

No photos will be posted on the internet or used for marketing without a participant’s permission. No photos will be on display at the gym. Only the participants will get to see the before and after photos

StoneWay CrossFit Nutrition Seminar

We will be meeting at 8am for our Nutrition Seminar along with posting our nutrition seminar on May 1st, 2010 online. In this seminar you will be given list of good foods and bad foods, Paleolithic and Zone diet information, meal planning tips, and a website you can post your food so other can see your foods and you can see others. You are not required to attend or watch this seminar but are highly encouraged. After the seminar we will be having a “before” photo session. Each week we will post a client we interviewed so they can share helpful tips for the journey.
How do I sign up?

You may sign up on the day of the photo shoot, but to help us prepare it would be helpful if you signed up via email (coachscott@stonewaycrossfit.com) ASAP! You may pay with cash or check on Saturday May 1st. Feel free to invite any friend or family members to join in on the fun. When you sign up, your name will be put on a list along with the best email address to reach you. We will send out all documents that will help you prepare and succeed in this challenge.

We will be encouraging everyone at StoneWay CrossFit to join the challenge. Any link or helpful tip we have, we will pass to you through your email. We will share people’s experiences throughout the challenge with personal interviews that will hopefully help and encourage you. Other gyms that have done similar challenges have found that the folks who log their food intake and share their log with others are the most successful in the challenge.

Obviously, a potentially huge cash prize would be awesome to win, but in reality, everyone who participates and completes the challenge will be a champion Nutrition is the foundation of being fitter and ultimately living a better life. The Looking Better Naked Challenge is a step in the right direction. Our goal is not to stop this “fashion” on eating good and living better after this 6 week challenge but to start a trend of clean living for life. If you eat well and clean you perform a lot better in everything you do!

End of School Party

June 19th will be the day we all meet up and determine the winner. Ceremony will begin @ 10am. We will all go over everyone’s before and after photos then we will vote. We will be voting on who has made the most dramatic change. Both Males and Females will be in different categories.