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3 Tips Everyone Needs Before They Start CrossFit I Seattle CrossFit Coach in Queen Anne

3 Tips Everyone Needs To Know Before Starting CrossFit

by Coach Scott

The common myth when it comes to CrossFit is that it is only for the ELITE athlete and that you NEED to get in “shape” (whatever that means) before they ever walk into a CrossFit gym.  That is so far from the truth it’s concerning.  That’s like telling your child that telling your child they need to learn how to read on their own before they go to school.  People come to me (Coach Scott at StoneWay CrossFit) to learn how move properly and how to for their specific goals.  After hearing this bothersome myth I couldn’t help but develop 3 tips for EVERYONE before they start CrossFit

1) You don’t need to get in “shape” before you start CrossFit

The reason why this is such a ridiculous answer is because what you were doing before CrossFit was not CrossFit nor was it close to CrossFit.  You can not get prepared for something you have never done doing something completely opposite to what you will do in a new CrossFit gym or with your new CrossFit coach.  Instead of getting in “shape” before you start CrossFit walk yourself in a local CrossFit gym or call them and set up your 1st appointment.

2) ALL legit CrossFit gym offers a FREE class or a FREE consultation

The first thing you want to know when it comes to starting CrossFit is that the coaches genuinely care about you and that you are not just a number.  If your local CrossFit gym does not offer you a FREE class or a FREE consultation then that is not a place you want to spend your time or money at.  In your FREE class or FREE consultation you will be able to see how that specific CrossFit gym runs their program and how they approach each individual.  During this process you will be able to see if this specific location is a good fit for you or not.  Before even checking out this gym be sure to write out a list of things you are looking for in a new gym.  After you have met with your new coach or joined a class you will know right away if you want to start CrossFit or not.  Bring a friend also because when you have a friend it’s easier to say “yes” or “no” with support.

3) Stop trying to control the scene and trust your coach

After you have passed the first 2 tips just let go of any control you want to have and allow your new coach or coaches to lead you.  Once you decide to give this a legitimate trial make sure you do everything your coach tells you.  The thing to remember is that you are not a professional in this field and your coach is.  He/She works with clients 5-7 days a week for 3-8 hours a day and have national certifications, they know what they are talking about.  When you give resistance this prohibits you from getting the full experience.  Now I’m not saying don’t ask questions but I am saying  trust your coach that they do have their best interest for you.

There are so many excuse out there that stop us from achieving our goals and taking that extra step to bettering our self. The only way the impossible things start happening is you believe they are possible.  So stop over thinking it and make the best decision of your life and try CrossFit.  If you enjoy it then continue with it, if you do not love it then never do it but move on to another thing.  As long as you try it and not avoid it you can honestly say you gave it a try.  My ultimate challenge is: give CrossFit a 90 day trial.  In that time period you will definitely know how you feel about it.

If you want to contact me my email is

I Am a Seattle Marathon “Finisher!!!”

Mile 18 in the Medic Tent get my IT Band Taped

I have not blogged since I ran the marathon last Sunday so It’s hard to get the words to rolls off my head and type with ease.  Since I am blogging I have officially survived the marathon without dying:)  Not that was ever a concern but for dramatic purposes I thought I’d put that little zip in today.  Acutally, as my wife Katie and I were driving the night before she did ask me,”What if you can’t do it?  What will you do?”  Of course as a man I told her,”I won’t have that problem!”  In reality I had butterflies in my stomach the entire week because everything I had trained for over the past 8 weeks was now going to be tested.  Was CrossFit Endurance legit?  Was I prepared enough?  Did I eat properly enough to do what I was about to do?  Was my body going to shut down on the course?  What would I do if I didn’t finish?  All these questions were running through my head the week prior to the marathon and on the morning of the event.  But once the horn went off It was “Game Time”.

Preview Video: Seattle Marathon Preview (Night Before)

Once the race started I made sure I was with or slightly ahead of the pacer.  I had decided I wanted to finish the marathon in 4 hours and if I was going to do that I needed to keep a 9:08 minute mile.  My friend Meg Gayman told me no matter how good I feel stay with the pacer and ONLY if I feel like a “Rockstar” at mile 20 should I increase my pace.  So I stuck to her advice and did not leave that pace.  Everything was going perfect, if anything it felt like I was going a tad bit slow.  I was noticing that my breathing rate was very mellow almost so mellow that I could have a conversation.  Even though everything was feeling great I constantly had the thought in the back of my mind just waiting for “something” to happen but so far everything was solid.  We had crossed the I-90 bridge and it was raining slightly but when we flipped a U-Turn after crossing the bridge and came back across the wind had picked up along with the intensity of the rain.  It was at this time I thought,”What the heck am I doing out here?”  I was just passing the 8 mile mark at this time.  As I passed the 11 mile mark the rain has stopped and I was heading towards Seward park.  Again, everything was perfect.  I was running with a girl I had notice had a great pace going over the I-90 bridge so I had decided to just pace her and that was a great idea.

Some of my concerns starting the race were: blisters, dehydration, foot or feet hurting, stomach issues, having to stop to have a bowel movement.  None of those fears happened.  Thank goodness.  The entire time I was running I was waiting for something to happen simply because of all the stories I have heard.  At this point I was at mile 12 and I was still in the clear.  As I passed mile 13 I was on track for my 4 hour marathon and possibley finishing sooner if I could keep this pace.  Then the unexpected happened.  My left knee started to feel some intense pressure that I was able to push through until mile 14 that I needed to stop and walk.  This was the most unforseen thing to me and so very dissappointing if not flat out humbling.  I would then pick up my pace again for 5-10 minutes then I was back to my walk.  I was at mile 18 when I went to the medic tent to get taped.  My IT band flared up and the tape was suppose to add some support which it did.  I think if I had my old patella band I think it would have helped also.  After the taping I was able to run a little longer but was then back to walking.  This is how the rest of my race went.  Run (or should I say hobble) then walk.

Prior to the race I threw out an invite to my friends to join me on the course and I was so lucky to have a few take me up on that offer.  To this day I am convinced that I would had never finished like I did without their support.  Here is my list of people and when they joined me: Chery Creasey (16 mile), Erik Bee (17 miles), John Gayman (19 miles), Terry Rosencrantz (21 miles), Lily Rosencrantz (21 miles), Tara Peterson (22 miles), Jessica Seyfert (25 miles) and Jessica Fleming (25 miles)  Thank you to you all for your support and encouragement.  It was a very humbling experience having to walk and not have the ability to run.

What an amazing day!  The rain was pouring, it wasn’t too cold and I got to have some of the best support I have ever had.  Even though I didn’t finish my marathon within 4 hours I am so proud to say that I am a “Marathon Finisher!”  I ended finishing at 5 hours and 33 minutes.

Damn it feels good to be a "Finisher!"

CrossFit Endurance Summary

The main purpose of this experiment was to see if using the CrossFit Endurance protocol along with the CrossFit protocol enough to train for an endurance event (i.e. a Marathon).


In my conclusion I think this is solid program training for a marathon.  The only think I would do different is start my training earlier.  When I decided to train for the Seattle Marathon I was 2 months out.  The other thing I would do is focus on mobility, stretching and recovering more efficient (i.e. Taking full rest days).  In my training I made every workout and didn’t miss 1 training session.  This the first time ever that I trained for an event and my training was solid!  There has never been one doubt in my mind about this program but now I have just confirmed everything.


Thank you to everyone who has followed my journey and given me so much support!  Now, time to get ready for the 2012 CrossFit Open.

Friday Day!

Today was a great day to get in a few workouts.  When you have some down time might as well lift weights, right?  I did my first half of workouts this morning.  It felt good to lift heavier weight.  I don’t want to get in the habit of just doing metcon’s and no strengths so I make a point to get my strengths in no matter what. 
There are so many things that I want to do.  I want to get strong, follow CrossFit Endurance programming and get better at my metcon’s.  The great thing is I think I can do it all.  My strength won’t get too crazy but I want to have the capacity to throw around some heavy weight and be relatively light in weight myself. 
Ultimately I would like to weight between 155-160 and be a solid wrecking machine.  Once I get my nutrition down to 100% awesome, I will be that wrecking machine!
Power Snatches
results: 95/105/115/115
20 Back Squats, #225
40 Toes to Bar
60 KB Swing, #53
5 rounds of:
12 deadlift, #155
9 Hang Cleans, #155
6 Push Jerks, #155
time-13:27 (20 seconds slower than my 1st time)

Crystals Good Bye Poem

Why Do I love Crossfit?
by Crystal Fink
I love Crossfit because it is the only time during the day that the only thing running through my mind is the number of reps I have completed
I love Crossfit because I am competing with myself to go hard, faster, stronger everytime I am there
I love Crossfit because now I can do pull-ups, power cleans, ring dips, and deadlifts and handstand pushups
I love Crossfit because it is a community of people holding you accountable to reach your goals
I love Crossfit because it challenges me physically, mentally and emotionally
I love Crossfit for the pride not only of myself but from my Coach
I love Crossfit because I am in the best shape I have ever been in
I love Crossfit because I will never again have smooth hands, but I will forever have strong calloused hands of an athlete
I love Crossfit because it is the only thing that I have ever done where I have bled, sweat, and felt like dying but never gave up
I love Crossfit for the feeling of nervousness you get right before a WOD
I love Crossfit because no matter what workout you are doing it is NEVER easy
I love Crossfit because I crave it everyday… yes I am addicted
I love Crossfit for those first 30 seconds after you have completed the WOD and you know that you have given all of yourself
I love Crossfit for the RX next to my name
I love Crossfit for the bonds that I have created with my Coaches, my fellow athletes and my students that will last forever no matter what Coast I am on.
Thank you for being a part of my Crossfit community. A special thanks Coach Scott for completely changing my life both on a fitness level and personal level. He introduced me to Crossfit and helped fuel my love and passion for it. I wouldn’t be here without you. Also a huge thanks to Corey for being a great coach as well as taking me on as a Coach at Mercer Island Crossfit. This last year has been amazing and I am going to miss everyone so much!
With love, respect, and gratitude,

StoneWay CrossFit-"Looking Better Naked Challenge"

In May, StoneWay CrossFit will be holding its 1st Looking Better Naked Challenge. The challenge will be open to ALL StoneWay CrossFit and Fitness Lab members.

What is it and why?

The Looking Better Naked Challenge is all about living healthy, feeling better and looking awesome naked. This challenge is 6 weeks and is for EVERYONE! It’s strictly about changing your appearance and not based on pounds. The man and woman with the most transformed body will be determined the winner. Eventhough pounds are not the focus, you will see them drop, it will vary between 5-15lbs, some may also experience weight gain (in a good way). Either way, this will be a great way to kick start your looking better naked body!

What are the Rules?

1) Nutrition Seminar/Initial Photo Shoot- Saturday, May 1st @ 8am (before 9am class)
-Make up Photo- Monday, May 3rd- Saturday, May 8th

2) Contest last 6 weeks (May 3rd-June 19th)
3) Costs: $30
4) Each participant will have a before and after photo
-Frontal/side/back shot
-Women-shorts and sports bra/bikini

5) Must be present at ceremony on Saturday, June 19th to be eligible to win the contest
6) Person with the most improvement takes the prize!
7) Person with the most improvement by change of appearance takes the prize!
8) A person can participate in the contest and not have photo taken (but you cannot win any prizes)
9) Must have “After” photo taken between June 14th-17th

Will my photos end up on the StoneWay CrossFit site?

No photos will be posted on the internet or used for marketing without a participant’s permission. No photos will be on display at the gym. Only the participants will get to see the before and after photos

StoneWay CrossFit Nutrition Seminar

We will be meeting at 8am for our Nutrition Seminar along with posting our nutrition seminar on May 1st, 2010 online. In this seminar you will be given list of good foods and bad foods, Paleolithic and Zone diet information, meal planning tips, and a website you can post your food so other can see your foods and you can see others. You are not required to attend or watch this seminar but are highly encouraged. After the seminar we will be having a “before” photo session. Each week we will post a client we interviewed so they can share helpful tips for the journey.
How do I sign up?

You may sign up on the day of the photo shoot, but to help us prepare it would be helpful if you signed up via email ( ASAP! You may pay with cash or check on Saturday May 1st. Feel free to invite any friend or family members to join in on the fun. When you sign up, your name will be put on a list along with the best email address to reach you. We will send out all documents that will help you prepare and succeed in this challenge.

We will be encouraging everyone at StoneWay CrossFit to join the challenge. Any link or helpful tip we have, we will pass to you through your email. We will share people’s experiences throughout the challenge with personal interviews that will hopefully help and encourage you. Other gyms that have done similar challenges have found that the folks who log their food intake and share their log with others are the most successful in the challenge.

Obviously, a potentially huge cash prize would be awesome to win, but in reality, everyone who participates and completes the challenge will be a champion Nutrition is the foundation of being fitter and ultimately living a better life. The Looking Better Naked Challenge is a step in the right direction. Our goal is not to stop this “fashion” on eating good and living better after this 6 week challenge but to start a trend of clean living for life. If you eat well and clean you perform a lot better in everything you do!

End of School Party

June 19th will be the day we all meet up and determine the winner. Ceremony will begin @ 10am. We will all go over everyone’s before and after photos then we will vote. We will be voting on who has made the most dramatic change. Both Males and Females will be in different categories.

Your Workout Sucks!

I ran into this series of video’s and really enjoyed where the speaker was coming from so I thought I’d post this on my “rest day” and share it with you.  In watching this I hope you find something of interest and take some thing with you after you watch this. 
Your Workout Sucks, Part 1
Please post your thoughts