Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

When I was a kid I wasn’t driven to workout at all.  I did play all the sports in my town but that’s because I loved to play.  It was until high school that I started watching “Yo Mtv rap” and “MTV Spring Break” that created the desire in me to look awesome with my shirt off.  However, I realized that what I wanted to look like wasn’t just going to happen.  That’s when I bought one of the Tony Little AB gimicks because I wanted a six pack.  The next trend I followed was just lifting weight.  I did basic movements : bench press , bicep exercises and tricep exercises.  What about my legs?  What about legs bro?!


My goal was to look good or what I thought looked good.  The fact of the matter is,  I never achieved this goal.  I did get a real good pump each day I did chest and arms but that did not last. .  I really didn’t want to do all the work  nor did I  know what that really meant.   When it came to nutrition I would skip breakfast daily, drink pepsi, eat pizza pockets.  My mom did prepare solid meals for dinner with meat and veggies, but that was one meal of the day.   No one told me that nutrition was a  huge part of the looking good also!

I’m giving you a background on myself growing up because if you knew me today this wouldn’t even make sense at all.  It is 100% opposite of what I do today.  On a daily basis I have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack combined with a lot of water.  Don’t get me wrong you will see a soda in my hand on a very rare occasion, I adore pizza but will not put a pizza pocket to my lips again!

Back to the whole purpose of this article.  In the grand scheme of things I wish someone told me  that the benefits of working out were not just for physical benefits.  There are so many more benefits that working out  gives you and physical transformation is just a small percentage of it.  Growing up I was very insecure, low self-esteem, chubby (soft body), did not make eye contact very much, not very out spoken, not very confident and the list could go on.  These things carried on with me until I graduated high school.  Things did not change very fast but they did start to change as I started to workout and later on started to push more weight I never fathomed to be able to do.  The real change happened that I could notice immediately when I started doing CrossFit.  My goals in life seem to be getting broader and the self confidence I started to accrue was incredible.  Prior to CrossFit I had never felt “bulletproof”, but now It’s a regular thing.  The downfall is that no one is really bulletproof.  BUT If you attack projects at work, house chores, etc without fear of failure think how effective you will be!


Benefits of working out and doing things out of your comfort zone:

-Self Confidence

-Fear of failure decreases

-Motivation to be active

-Increase your community


Now that you know my background you can now see what I learned and hopefully be successful a lot sooner than I was.   I wish someone would had told me that it’s not all about what you look like from working out rather what it does for you over all!  The truth is that looking great is an end product of all the hard work you put in but isn’t the reason why you workout.  I have had some really crappy days that feel so dark and the last thing I want to do is go do a WOD but  if “Scott from the future” could tell me how awesome I will soon feel then I’d feel stupid for trying to get out of my workout.  Anytime after a workout I feel like a rockstar.  Why?  Endorphines!

The best thing is having an awesome training session and realizing that no one can take that away from you.  I’ll never forget the day I pulled a 445 deadlift, hang cleaned 235, did all my double unders unbroken, finally snatched 175 or did my 1st muscle-up.  No matter what happened that day it was not going to be effected by anyone.  This benefit will also carry on throughout for weeks, months and years!

Truth is that life happens.  There are ups and down.  Friends come and go.  There are awesome weeks and crappy weeks, but the workout will always be there and will always be hard.   That’s really encouraging because whatever you do in a workout it will never be given to you.  You will always have to earn what you do.   When you start feeling better you will always look better.  That is why working out to look good is such a false hope. I wish someone told me to lift heavy weight, play sports and do things that make me feel uncomfortable because that will give me self confidence, social skills, leadership skills and that will make me feel comfortable in my own skin.

So in conclusion, don’t run, lift weights, do CrossFit, or anything regarding fitness to “look good” do it because it will help you feel  better about yourself overall.  That on itself is a reason to workout!

How to Bullet Proof Your Coffee

Bullet Proof Coffee

Seattle Coffee and butter

If any of you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook then you have heard about my new addiction.  For some of you this is your first interaction with any of my posts. So let me break down what my new addiction is. Butter in my coffer.  The recipe was a regular cup of joe (Fair trade, organic, decaf or reg.) combined with 2 tablespoons of Kerry Gold (unsalted) butter.  My first reaction was exactly what yours is right now!  Yuck!  This butter coffee craze was adjusted into my daily life,  I was still doing CrossFit,  eating clean, staying hydrated and burning fat with healthy fat (butter).


As you can imagine this perked my curiosity, so I decided to take the plunge and try it out.  Prior to this experiment I had been drinking my coffee black for 12 years.  The thought of adding something like butter to my coffee was different yet a possible perk!  After trying it out I did notice my lips were a little smoother.  The best part of it all was that I didn’t crave sweets and I was fuller longer.  If you know me personally you know that my favorite cheat treat is Oreos and ice cream. However I had no desire for it, not only throughout the day but more important at night time.  These were the immediate results.  As time went on (2 weeks) my pants were looser also. My literal response out loud was ,”What?!”  So far this was not a bad experiment.  After reading Dave Asprey’s blog post “Recipe: How to Make Coffee Bullet Proof and Your Morning Too” I started using my coffee and butter as my breakfast.

Why? Read this great article by John Kiefer “Carb Back-Loading Step 1: Breakfast”  After reading this explanation and the previous article I was sold that this set up was a successful way to start your day off.


Below is the instruction on how to Bullet Proof your own coffee each morning.  This is my personal prescription each morning and I highly recommend you try it out also.

Pre-Funk: Drink 20-40 oz of H2O (depending on weight) immediately after waking. DO NOT put anything in your mouth until you have finished your “Pre-Funk!”

Step 1: Make a pot of coffee

Step 2: Slice 2 tablespoons of Kerry Gold (unsalted) butter or any grass fed butter of your choice *natural flavor is NOT grass fed.

Step 3: Pour your 8-12 oz of coffee into your blender (I use my Blend Tec or Magic Bullet), add 2tbs of butter, then blend for no more then 10 seconds. You don’t want to increase too much pressure or have too much foam.

Step 4: Enjoy the foaming goodness!  Repeat a second cup when you feel your body can handle it. This is recommended at some point.


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Holiday Survival Guide and Free Fitness Plan

CrossFit in Seattle

Want to survive during the holiday and not be a statistic wanting to lose the 20 extra pounds gained during holidays?  I knew you wanted to different from your friends.  During this time of the year is seems to be socially accepted to party like it’s 1999 (That’s a “Prince” reference for all you youngsters), over drink, eat and gain 5-20 pounds.  Deep down inside everyone want to skip working out and not maintain a reasonable diet but that’s not how our bodies work.

FACT: If you eat more calories then you burn on a daily basis you will gain weight!  So don’t be surprised when 2013 shows up and you have extra weight in areas you didn’t have just weeks before!!!

If you ask any of my clients or athletes at my box they’d tell you I’m all about planning for success.  There’s know way to achieve goals (in general) if you don’t plan to succeed.  If you don’t care about weight or extra fat then stop reading NOW!!!

Now for you who actually give a care I have put down some really simple points on ways to enjoy the holiday parties and stay in shape.  Also below is a full week workout plan.  Now you won’t  have any legit excuses on why you gained weight this year.

2013 Survival Guide

1) Prior to arriving to any dinners, parties or “Happy Hours” make sure you eat.  NEVER show up to any of these functions starving.  All inhibitions goes straight out the door!

2) Make a point to exercise/do something physical for minimum 30 minutes per day.  This could be running around at the park with your kids, football with the family, walks after dinner or actually making an effort to go out in the garage or hit up your box and do a WOD.  (See WOD’s below)

3) Pick ONE day of the week to let it all out!  That means during the week don’t pig out, don’t over eat in the sugar category, don’t starve yourself but eat balance meals (40% Protein, 40% Fat, 20% Carbs).  When you decide to go all out make sure it’s this day and only this day.

4) Don’t get smashed!  Don’t over drink and cram tons of sugar down your throat.  Beer and Liquor is straight sugar that results in FAT.  Don’t try to argue with me saying,”But what about the clear drink or the wine?”  Allow yourself the leisure to drink just DON”T GET SMASHED!!!

5) Start making goals for 2013 today!  Not to start 2013 but what you want to do by 2013 or at least have started by 2013

6) Take pictures of yourself TODAY!!!! Yep, I said it.  Want to remember what you looked like before the holiday parties start?  You better because if you eat and splurge like you have permission then you are giving yourself permission increase your waistline!!

Now don’t get me wrong I want you to enjoy the time with your family and friends without being controlled by the fear of weight gain.  The only way to do this is to make a plan on how you eat, drink and exercise.

Workout Plan for 2013


“Base Line” 

400m run

50 Air Squats

40 Sit-ups

30 Push-ups

20 Burpees

*Beginners: 1 round

*Intermediate/Advance: 2 rounds


5 rounds

15-30 Box Jumps

200m run

15-30 Push Presses


15 minute running clock complete as many rounds as possible

30-60 Walking Lunges

10-20 Pull-ups

30-60 Double Unders or 120-180 Single Skips


Go out for a low intensity walk or jog for 25-40 minutes


10 rounds

100m run

10 Goblet Squats (use a weight and hold in front of chest)

5 Broad Jump Burpees (do a burpee then jump forward)


30  “Christmas Survivors”

Using 25-45 lb dumbbells

Push-up + Hang Clean + Push Press (all movements with DB)

*Try to be 10 minutes


Rest Day

Why is there a range for weight and reps?

If you are a beginner use the far left number, if you intermediate/advance use the far right number. (For example: 15-30 reps)


It is my hope that you walk into 2013 feeling better than you have ever felt and that will simply be because you planned to survive this holiday!


For further workout explanations or questions, Email me at

CrossFit For Dummies

What does all that jargon on the whiteboard mean?

Before you start reading, this I am in no way calling anyone a “Dummy!”  However, I know it feels (or has felt) that way when we’ve had to ask our coach a question about anything CrossFit related, so be sure to forward to this to a friend.  We’ve all been a newbie at one point or another, and it’s good to remember to be patient when someone new asks you a question.  Even when it’s the most obvious thing!

This blog post is dedicated to all the new CrossFitters out there that have walked into a CrossFit gym and had no clue what all the jargon meant.  I remember one of my first Kettlebell WODs had weight that was at 1.5 poods.  My first thought was, “What the crap is this?”  I asked my buddy Corey (My best friend with whom I started CrossFit who now owns Mercer Island CrossFit) and turns out he was clueless just as I was.  So what did we do?  Yep, we headed straight to to figure out what the heck a “pood” was.

To save all you new CrossFitters some time, here is a list of some terms we use within the gym to help you get started:

CrossFit Terminology Made Easy


WOD– Workout of the Day

AMRAP– As many rounds as possible or reps as possible

Metcon– Metabolic Conditioning (aka Metcon)

POOD– Weight of the kettlebell. (1 pood = 35lbs, 1.5 pood = 44lbs, 2 pood = 70lbs)

Box– CrossFit gym

Chalk– Helps with grip and studies show it increase strength;)

“Tabata”– Named after Dr. Tabata who design an interval typed of workout doing 20 seconds of moving and 10 second of rest for 8 rounds. (Total of 4 minute per exercise)

“CrossFit Total”– Strength WOD that includes your 1RM (Rep Max)

Rack Position– Bar resting on your collar bone and anterior deltoids (front shoulder) support by hands.

Back Squat– Squat with barbell on your back.

Front Squat– Squat with barbell in the “Rack Position” (see above).

Overhead Squat– Squat with barbell held overhead.

HSPU– Handstand Push-up

Double Unders– Jump rope skill.  You jump once and the rope makes 2 revolutions

Power Clean– Olympic Lift.  Barbell starts on the ground and end in the rack position (see above).

Hang Clean– Olympic Lift. Barbell starts by hanging from your hips and end in the front squat position.

Squat Clean– Olympic Lift. Barbell starts on the ground and ends in a front squat.

Power Snatch– Olympic Lift.  Barbell starts on the ground and ends up over head.

Hang Snatch– Olympic Lift. Barbell starts by hanging from your hips and ends up over your head.

Squat Snatch– Olympic Lift. Barbell starts on the ground and ends up in the overhead squat position.

Burpee– Gymnastic move that you drop to the ground, do a push-up, jump into a squat and then jump. Best overall movement of CrossFit because it has the move range of movement.

Box Jump– Jump onto a box

Wallball Shot– Using a medicine ball drop into a front squat position and standing up using the momentum to push to ball to hit the target on the wall.

This list isn’t EVERYTHING you will encounter, but it’s a great start.  At the very least you won’t look like a deer in the headlights when you see Olympic lifts or acronyms on the whiteboard.

I repeatedly tell my athletes to ALWAYS train with a coach and NEVER resort to doing it on your own.  For example, if your child is potty training, do you let them teach themselves or do you help?  You help.  Anyone can pee on their own, but it will be a lot more effective if someone told them where and how, right?!  Of course I’m right!  Same thing goes for lifting.  Our job is to teach you what you need to know to reach your goals, and then help you get there. So after reading this, I hope you head to the box and feel more confident about hitting the WOD.  Don’t be “that guy” who has no clue — be “that guy” who has done his homework and is ready to learn more.

For more tips about starting CrossFit and finding a box, check out “3 Tips Everyone Needs Before They Start CrossFit” or simply email me,


Ladies You Need To Lift Heavy | Beauty and Strength

2012 CrossFit Games Female Athletes (Fittest Women on Earth)

This post is to all my female clients, friends, family members and strangers that I have never met who think CrossFit/Lifting weights will make them bulky.  Over all the years that I have been a personal trainer/coach (almost 7) I have always had to have the conversation regarding weights and getting bulky.  75% of all my consultation with female clients always start with a question or statement like this,”Will weightlifting/CrossFit get me bulky?” or “I don’t want to get bulky!”  To be honest if I was a female and all I saw as role models were “female body builders” I too would be skeptical.  Regardless, lets have the conversation together.

To keep this post short and sweet this is what my response would be to YOU the female in fear of the “Bulk”: 

(Your names), it’s impossible to “bulk” up.  You don’t have the levels of testosterone that a male has to give you that “bulked” effect.  The only reason you see bulky women is because they are purposely wanting to look like that.  Strategies would include steroids, caloric surpluses or some other supplementation for that effect.  So in the meantime let’s worry about the “bulk” thing when it happens and deal with it then.  (Side note: we won’t ever be dealing with this issue)

Here is a list of things I want you to focus on as you start training: 

1) Eat.  Be sure to have 3-5 small meals a day.

2) Macronutrients.  Eat your macronutrients in this order. Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates.

3) Train and Rest. Schedule 4-5 days a week to train in the week never exceeding 3 consecutive days and schedule a minimum of  2 rest days in a 7 day cycle.

4) Lift Heavy. The body benefits more than you can imagine.  Benefits include: rapid fat loss, increase definition, decrease aging process, increased 24 hour caloric burn (up to 100 calories post workout)

5) Hydrate. Drink water, eliminate soda, juice and (anything that dehydrate your or has sugar)


Below is one of the best videos I’ve seen that gives 100% visual proof that women who train will not “Bulk Up!”

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3 Step Solution To Change | Seattle CrossFit Coach


I can’t believe it’s already September! You know what that means: summer is over, back school, fall is here, football games are in full swing and the weather is turning crisp.  All this adds up to one thing – your training is going to be affected! Whenever there is a change in our routine, the important things in life go through a test. Regarding training you need to ask yourself one question – how important is that to you? For many it has been a routine for years with ups and downs that can be predicted. For others, this is a new found love that is in its honeymoon phase. It is important that you think about it day in and day out. It doesn’t matter what is going on, you are going to get your work out in because it’s that important to you.


How is this new season going to affect you? Are you going to start working out again? Are you going to let the dark mornings and cool evenings prevent you from getting to the gym? Or are you going to keep pushing forward and training like you have done all summer long? Whatever your plan is, I have a three step process that is bullet proof, but only if you are motivated.

3 Step Bullet Proof Solution To Working Out

1) Write down on a calendar what your plan is for every day of the month

Once you mentally commit yourself and then psychologically commit you are now setting yourself up for success.  If you have decided (mentally) you are not going to start training then your calendar will reflect that decision also.  So when you mentally prepare and then psychologically prepare you now ready for change.  Change is good. defines change as:  to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of(something) different from what it is or from what it wouldbe if left alone.

2) Start Tracking You Nutrition

Everyone cringes at this step because 99.9% of people who are striving to make changes don’t like it when their diet is  messed with.  So, don’t worry I’m not asking you to change ANYTHING with your diet.  All I’m telling you to do is start tracking what you eat everyday no matter what is its.  My whole point in this is getting you to think about what you put in your body day in and day out.  The more conscience we are about what we are putting in our bodies as fuel the better decisions we make no matter what season we are in.

3) Follow An Already Structured Program

This is the MOST crucial part of my 3 step solution.  Find a program you respect or are interested in and then use it.  If you need a program to follow online for FREE go to my website  I post a daily workout Monday through Saturday.  The power behind this step is taking ALL control out of your hands and letting someone lead you.  What I also highly recommend is finding a local program with classes and then join it. That is the best solution compared to following anyone online.  The reason is because everything is already planned out, scheduled and has a professional coaching you. This is way better than any other workout partner because you won’t get an early morning phone call telling you that he/she can’t make it today.  The best part is that there will be many “workout partners” in any class you take that you won’t even know but this will help you way more than you will ever know.

So, what do we do now?  Something is what we do!  If you are deciding to stop being lazy, continue training but to a higher lever or just re-awaking that inner athlete that we all have somewhere deep down inside you need to start something ASAP!  Who knows if your mental motivation will trump your psychological motivation if you don’t act on it TODAY!! If you need any assistance, phone consult or just an extra push contact me TODAY!!!, @scottmrodriguez or Scott M. Rodriguez

The CrossFit Games Movtivates Me To Train – New Training Cycle

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Establish A Goal, Then Plan Accordingly I Progenex I Mercer Island CrossFit 5K WOD Challenge | Seattle CrossFit Coach in Queen Anne


If you are like 99.9% of people you have a destination you hope to achieve with your workouts.  The typical process is 1) You feel tired of your current status 2) You get sick of that feeling way 3) You verbalize your sick of it to a friend or just out loud and 4) You go and do something about it.  So, what phase are you at right now?

Regardless of where you are at right now the thing that is most important is what is your PLAN?  The typical gym goer (75%) never achieves his or her goal.  When the New Years resolutions coming strolling in January health clubs are busy because there are destinations and bodies types desired.  Back to the stupid numbers again, 75% of gym goer never see any changes, the remaining 25% is broken down to 15% of gym goers who by sheer luck see change because they are copying someone else and the last 10% (I call the elite) accomplish and establish success.  Now why do all these numbers matter?  They don’t really, but what does matter is there are about 85% of gym goes or individuals with an active desire who do not ever taste full success.  Why you ask?  I’ll tell you why………No Plan Of Action With Vision!!!!

Plan of Action with Vision

Having a goal is 100% pointless if you don’t have a plan.  Having a plan will help you not cheat on your nutrition, help you make it to the gym on the days you are exhausted, help you push harder in your workout when you body tells you to stop and help you kill the voice of negativity.  The reason the 10% of gym goer achieve success is because they SEE their goal, they ARE their goal and they Are their goal before it even happens.  If you can not see past where you are right now you will NEVER get to your goal.  This is why you MUST plan your goal(s) out to the fullest and most detailed.


How To Make A Plan

The first thing you need to do is go to a place without any distraction so you can fully concentrate on yourself.  If you are mom this makes sense.  So if you are mom get a babysitter, let dad take the kids to the park or just wait for until the kids are napping.  If you do not having any distraction specific just go to a place you can focus.  Second, grab a a tablet with pen and write everything you want to accomplish (don’t hold anything back) and allows yourself to visualize you at your goal.  Once you have everything on paper this is when it gets fun.  Start breaking down when you will start achieving your goals or meeting your check points.  Follow my steps below:

1) Break your goal down to specific dates (example: weekly to monthly check points)

2) Establish what you will do each day/week that moves you closer to your goal (example: nutrition planning/meals and workouts)

3) Set up a social network platform that you will post on a daily basis.  This will establish public accountability. (example: twitter, facebook, blog,etc)

4) (Optional) Purchase an outfit that you can not fit into currently that you will when you hit your goal, register for an event (triathalon, competition, etc),  or set up a vacation destination where you will wear minimum clothing

5) (Optional) Pick up any supplements, protein powders, vitamins that will assist your journey.

*If you know me personally I am not big on having a huge bag of supplement but I am a fan of using products that work and assist you.  I will drop a few links below that I HIGHLY recommend.



All of these step are very vital to succeeding!  If you have any additional questions or if you have a unique situation please contact me at

3 Tips Everyone Needs Before They Start CrossFit I Seattle CrossFit Coach in Queen Anne

3 Tips Everyone Needs To Know Before Starting CrossFit

by Coach Scott

The common myth when it comes to CrossFit is that it is only for the ELITE athlete and that you NEED to get in “shape” (whatever that means) before they ever walk into a CrossFit gym.  That is so far from the truth it’s concerning.  That’s like telling your child that telling your child they need to learn how to read on their own before they go to school.  People come to me (Coach Scott at StoneWay CrossFit) to learn how move properly and how to for their specific goals.  After hearing this bothersome myth I couldn’t help but develop 3 tips for EVERYONE before they start CrossFit

1) You don’t need to get in “shape” before you start CrossFit

The reason why this is such a ridiculous answer is because what you were doing before CrossFit was not CrossFit nor was it close to CrossFit.  You can not get prepared for something you have never done doing something completely opposite to what you will do in a new CrossFit gym or with your new CrossFit coach.  Instead of getting in “shape” before you start CrossFit walk yourself in a local CrossFit gym or call them and set up your 1st appointment.

2) ALL legit CrossFit gym offers a FREE class or a FREE consultation

The first thing you want to know when it comes to starting CrossFit is that the coaches genuinely care about you and that you are not just a number.  If your local CrossFit gym does not offer you a FREE class or a FREE consultation then that is not a place you want to spend your time or money at.  In your FREE class or FREE consultation you will be able to see how that specific CrossFit gym runs their program and how they approach each individual.  During this process you will be able to see if this specific location is a good fit for you or not.  Before even checking out this gym be sure to write out a list of things you are looking for in a new gym.  After you have met with your new coach or joined a class you will know right away if you want to start CrossFit or not.  Bring a friend also because when you have a friend it’s easier to say “yes” or “no” with support.

3) Stop trying to control the scene and trust your coach

After you have passed the first 2 tips just let go of any control you want to have and allow your new coach or coaches to lead you.  Once you decide to give this a legitimate trial make sure you do everything your coach tells you.  The thing to remember is that you are not a professional in this field and your coach is.  He/She works with clients 5-7 days a week for 3-8 hours a day and have national certifications, they know what they are talking about.  When you give resistance this prohibits you from getting the full experience.  Now I’m not saying don’t ask questions but I am saying  trust your coach that they do have their best interest for you.

There are so many excuse out there that stop us from achieving our goals and taking that extra step to bettering our self. The only way the impossible things start happening is you believe they are possible.  So stop over thinking it and make the best decision of your life and try CrossFit.  If you enjoy it then continue with it, if you do not love it then never do it but move on to another thing.  As long as you try it and not avoid it you can honestly say you gave it a try.  My ultimate challenge is: give CrossFit a 90 day trial.  In that time period you will definitely know how you feel about it.

If you want to contact me my email is

StoneWay CrossFit-"Looking Better Naked Challenge"

In May, StoneWay CrossFit will be holding its 1st Looking Better Naked Challenge. The challenge will be open to ALL StoneWay CrossFit and Fitness Lab members.

What is it and why?

The Looking Better Naked Challenge is all about living healthy, feeling better and looking awesome naked. This challenge is 6 weeks and is for EVERYONE! It’s strictly about changing your appearance and not based on pounds. The man and woman with the most transformed body will be determined the winner. Eventhough pounds are not the focus, you will see them drop, it will vary between 5-15lbs, some may also experience weight gain (in a good way). Either way, this will be a great way to kick start your looking better naked body!

What are the Rules?

1) Nutrition Seminar/Initial Photo Shoot- Saturday, May 1st @ 8am (before 9am class)
-Make up Photo- Monday, May 3rd- Saturday, May 8th

2) Contest last 6 weeks (May 3rd-June 19th)
3) Costs: $30
4) Each participant will have a before and after photo
-Frontal/side/back shot
-Women-shorts and sports bra/bikini

5) Must be present at ceremony on Saturday, June 19th to be eligible to win the contest
6) Person with the most improvement takes the prize!
7) Person with the most improvement by change of appearance takes the prize!
8) A person can participate in the contest and not have photo taken (but you cannot win any prizes)
9) Must have “After” photo taken between June 14th-17th

Will my photos end up on the StoneWay CrossFit site?

No photos will be posted on the internet or used for marketing without a participant’s permission. No photos will be on display at the gym. Only the participants will get to see the before and after photos

StoneWay CrossFit Nutrition Seminar

We will be meeting at 8am for our Nutrition Seminar along with posting our nutrition seminar on May 1st, 2010 online. In this seminar you will be given list of good foods and bad foods, Paleolithic and Zone diet information, meal planning tips, and a website you can post your food so other can see your foods and you can see others. You are not required to attend or watch this seminar but are highly encouraged. After the seminar we will be having a “before” photo session. Each week we will post a client we interviewed so they can share helpful tips for the journey.
How do I sign up?

You may sign up on the day of the photo shoot, but to help us prepare it would be helpful if you signed up via email ( ASAP! You may pay with cash or check on Saturday May 1st. Feel free to invite any friend or family members to join in on the fun. When you sign up, your name will be put on a list along with the best email address to reach you. We will send out all documents that will help you prepare and succeed in this challenge.

We will be encouraging everyone at StoneWay CrossFit to join the challenge. Any link or helpful tip we have, we will pass to you through your email. We will share people’s experiences throughout the challenge with personal interviews that will hopefully help and encourage you. Other gyms that have done similar challenges have found that the folks who log their food intake and share their log with others are the most successful in the challenge.

Obviously, a potentially huge cash prize would be awesome to win, but in reality, everyone who participates and completes the challenge will be a champion Nutrition is the foundation of being fitter and ultimately living a better life. The Looking Better Naked Challenge is a step in the right direction. Our goal is not to stop this “fashion” on eating good and living better after this 6 week challenge but to start a trend of clean living for life. If you eat well and clean you perform a lot better in everything you do!

End of School Party

June 19th will be the day we all meet up and determine the winner. Ceremony will begin @ 10am. We will all go over everyone’s before and after photos then we will vote. We will be voting on who has made the most dramatic change. Both Males and Females will be in different categories.