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Establish A Goal, Then Plan Accordingly I Progenex I Mercer Island CrossFit 5K WOD Challenge | Seattle CrossFit Coach in Queen Anne


If you are like 99.9% of people you have a destination you hope to achieve with your workouts.  The typical process is 1) You feel tired of your current status 2) You get sick of that feeling way 3) You verbalize your sick of it to a friend or just out loud and 4) You go and do something about it.  So, what phase are you at right now?

Regardless of where you are at right now the thing that is most important is what is your PLAN?  The typical gym goer (75%) never achieves his or her goal.  When the New Years resolutions coming strolling in January health clubs are busy because there are destinations and bodies types desired.  Back to the stupid numbers again, 75% of gym goer never see any changes, the remaining 25% is broken down to 15% of gym goers who by sheer luck see change because they are copying someone else and the last 10% (I call the elite) accomplish and establish success.  Now why do all these numbers matter?  They don’t really, but what does matter is there are about 85% of gym goes or individuals with an active desire who do not ever taste full success.  Why you ask?  I’ll tell you why………No Plan Of Action With Vision!!!!

Plan of Action with Vision

Having a goal is 100% pointless if you don’t have a plan.  Having a plan will help you not cheat on your nutrition, help you make it to the gym on the days you are exhausted, help you push harder in your workout when you body tells you to stop and help you kill the voice of negativity.  The reason the 10% of gym goer achieve success is because they SEE their goal, they ARE their goal and they Are their goal before it even happens.  If you can not see past where you are right now you will NEVER get to your goal.  This is why you MUST plan your goal(s) out to the fullest and most detailed.


How To Make A Plan

The first thing you need to do is go to a place without any distraction so you can fully concentrate on yourself.  If you are mom this makes sense.  So if you are mom get a babysitter, let dad take the kids to the park or just wait for until the kids are napping.  If you do not having any distraction specific just go to a place you can focus.  Second, grab a a tablet with pen and write everything you want to accomplish (don’t hold anything back) and allows yourself to visualize you at your goal.  Once you have everything on paper this is when it gets fun.  Start breaking down when you will start achieving your goals or meeting your check points.  Follow my steps below:

1) Break your goal down to specific dates (example: weekly to monthly check points)

2) Establish what you will do each day/week that moves you closer to your goal (example: nutrition planning/meals and workouts)

3) Set up a social network platform that you will post on a daily basis.  This will establish public accountability. (example: twitter, facebook, blog,etc)

4) (Optional) Purchase an outfit that you can not fit into currently that you will when you hit your goal, register for an event (triathalon, competition, etc),  or set up a vacation destination where you will wear minimum clothing

5) (Optional) Pick up any supplements, protein powders, vitamins that will assist your journey.

*If you know me personally I am not big on having a huge bag of supplement but I am a fan of using products that work and assist you.  I will drop a few links below that I HIGHLY recommend.



All of these step are very vital to succeeding!  If you have any additional questions or if you have a unique situation please contact me at

Crystals Good Bye Poem

Why Do I love Crossfit?
by Crystal Fink
I love Crossfit because it is the only time during the day that the only thing running through my mind is the number of reps I have completed
I love Crossfit because I am competing with myself to go hard, faster, stronger everytime I am there
I love Crossfit because now I can do pull-ups, power cleans, ring dips, and deadlifts and handstand pushups
I love Crossfit because it is a community of people holding you accountable to reach your goals
I love Crossfit because it challenges me physically, mentally and emotionally
I love Crossfit for the pride not only of myself but from my Coach
I love Crossfit because I am in the best shape I have ever been in
I love Crossfit because I will never again have smooth hands, but I will forever have strong calloused hands of an athlete
I love Crossfit because it is the only thing that I have ever done where I have bled, sweat, and felt like dying but never gave up
I love Crossfit for the feeling of nervousness you get right before a WOD
I love Crossfit because no matter what workout you are doing it is NEVER easy
I love Crossfit because I crave it everyday… yes I am addicted
I love Crossfit for those first 30 seconds after you have completed the WOD and you know that you have given all of yourself
I love Crossfit for the RX next to my name
I love Crossfit for the bonds that I have created with my Coaches, my fellow athletes and my students that will last forever no matter what Coast I am on.
Thank you for being a part of my Crossfit community. A special thanks Coach Scott for completely changing my life both on a fitness level and personal level. He introduced me to Crossfit and helped fuel my love and passion for it. I wouldn’t be here without you. Also a huge thanks to Corey for being a great coach as well as taking me on as a Coach at Mercer Island Crossfit. This last year has been amazing and I am going to miss everyone so much!
With love, respect, and gratitude,

Birthday WOD

So today officially  marked my 32 years of existense on planet earth.  I couldn’t find a more reasonable thing to do but celebrate it with grueling workout, so I asked Corey to program today’s WOD.  Here is what he came up with.
16 Muscle-ups
32 Burpees
32 Double Unders
32 Push Press
32 Double Unders
32 Squat Cleans, #75
32 Double Unders
32 Snatches
32 Double Unders
32 Push-ups
16 Muscle-up
My time today was 19:18 but as I re-write this WOD I realized I didn’t do the Squat Cleans.  Ugh!  Doh!  You know what that means?  I’m redoing this at the 1pm class.  I better start fueling myself with proper fuel right now (11:28am).  It is official 1 hour before I was offically born/delivered 32 years ago.  That’s a deep thought. 
Ok, I will comment or repost my next time.  Those muscle-ups worked me, not so much the 1st round but totally the 2nd set.  I was doing it 1 rep at at a time.


I knew that saturday was going to be a packed day and that I was going to be semi-celebrating my bday so I went in to SWCF a little early before my 1st session and I snuck in a strength WOD: Push Jerk

Push Jerk


This was pretty tight because my old  1RM is 195 and I was Jerking 175 as 3 RM.  If I wasn’t pressed for time I would messed around with my 1RM but another time. 

Absolute rest day and hang out with my family.  Took the kids to the park with my sister (karebear) and then rested a bunch.

Tomorrow is my 32nd birthday and I’m siked to hit my “Birthday WOD”.  Corey programmed it.  I figure it wasn’t doing anyone a favor programming what I wanted in my bday workout, so I knew Core would step it up and he did.