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StoneWay CrossFit-"Looking Better Naked Challenge"

In May, StoneWay CrossFit will be holding its 1st Looking Better Naked Challenge. The challenge will be open to ALL StoneWay CrossFit and Fitness Lab members.

What is it and why?

The Looking Better Naked Challenge is all about living healthy, feeling better and looking awesome naked. This challenge is 6 weeks and is for EVERYONE! It’s strictly about changing your appearance and not based on pounds. The man and woman with the most transformed body will be determined the winner. Eventhough pounds are not the focus, you will see them drop, it will vary between 5-15lbs, some may also experience weight gain (in a good way). Either way, this will be a great way to kick start your looking better naked body!

What are the Rules?

1) Nutrition Seminar/Initial Photo Shoot- Saturday, May 1st @ 8am (before 9am class)
-Make up Photo- Monday, May 3rd- Saturday, May 8th

2) Contest last 6 weeks (May 3rd-June 19th)
3) Costs: $30
4) Each participant will have a before and after photo
-Frontal/side/back shot
-Women-shorts and sports bra/bikini

5) Must be present at ceremony on Saturday, June 19th to be eligible to win the contest
6) Person with the most improvement takes the prize!
7) Person with the most improvement by change of appearance takes the prize!
8) A person can participate in the contest and not have photo taken (but you cannot win any prizes)
9) Must have “After” photo taken between June 14th-17th

Will my photos end up on the StoneWay CrossFit site?

No photos will be posted on the internet or used for marketing without a participant’s permission. No photos will be on display at the gym. Only the participants will get to see the before and after photos

StoneWay CrossFit Nutrition Seminar

We will be meeting at 8am for our Nutrition Seminar along with posting our nutrition seminar on May 1st, 2010 online. In this seminar you will be given list of good foods and bad foods, Paleolithic and Zone diet information, meal planning tips, and a website you can post your food so other can see your foods and you can see others. You are not required to attend or watch this seminar but are highly encouraged. After the seminar we will be having a “before” photo session. Each week we will post a client we interviewed so they can share helpful tips for the journey.
How do I sign up?

You may sign up on the day of the photo shoot, but to help us prepare it would be helpful if you signed up via email ( ASAP! You may pay with cash or check on Saturday May 1st. Feel free to invite any friend or family members to join in on the fun. When you sign up, your name will be put on a list along with the best email address to reach you. We will send out all documents that will help you prepare and succeed in this challenge.

We will be encouraging everyone at StoneWay CrossFit to join the challenge. Any link or helpful tip we have, we will pass to you through your email. We will share people’s experiences throughout the challenge with personal interviews that will hopefully help and encourage you. Other gyms that have done similar challenges have found that the folks who log their food intake and share their log with others are the most successful in the challenge.

Obviously, a potentially huge cash prize would be awesome to win, but in reality, everyone who participates and completes the challenge will be a champion Nutrition is the foundation of being fitter and ultimately living a better life. The Looking Better Naked Challenge is a step in the right direction. Our goal is not to stop this “fashion” on eating good and living better after this 6 week challenge but to start a trend of clean living for life. If you eat well and clean you perform a lot better in everything you do!

End of School Party

June 19th will be the day we all meet up and determine the winner. Ceremony will begin @ 10am. We will all go over everyone’s before and after photos then we will vote. We will be voting on who has made the most dramatic change. Both Males and Females will be in different categories.