chris spealler

2nd Day at The Coaches Prep Course

It is now Wednesday (3 days post of The Coaches Prep Course) and I feel already so much more empowered.  Now it could be me being around such a group of quality coaches that rubbed on me a ton or it’s that I brought back so many tools back.  The truth is…….both are true.

Ok, so on Day 2 we spent 3/4 of the day on programming.  If the day couldn’t have got better it totally did. We went over “keeping a constantly varied program”, “how to detect a biased or targeted program”, “how much strength WOD should be present” and “what type of trends have been going on in the CF community”.  All of this was so solid that I would have paid for just this day.  I said the same for Day 1 also so I guess I really got twice the value that I paid.  Let alone the time was so worth it.

I feel like I got more fired up being a coach and that this has made me a better coach.  Not only did I take away great tips on how to improve my coaching, I feel more balanced.  Being around Chris Spealler not only helped for coaching but I think overall.  The first thing I talked to him about when I had a chance to chat with him was how he kept a balanced life, as a husband, father, business owner, and a CrossFit athlete?  His answer was awesome.  He said he has a very supportive wife and they have made a decision together that this is what their life is to be right now.  That was just 3 hours into the seminar on a break and that conversation was another building block to the weekend.

So what do I feel now?
I feel like I have gotten another spark in me.  I absolutely love coaching but as anything there needs to be a balance.  Leaving Texas this weekend I got more love for what I do.  I have always loved coaching and have never lost it but I feel like I have more to give that I never thought I had.  I’m excited!