birthday wod


(kelly, myself and adam after finishing my bday WOD, 5/10/10)
This was a pretty busy day for me and I was really lucky to squeeze in 2 workouts. The back squat felt heavy today but then again i did “Murph” (300 air squats) and “Badger” (180 squat cleans, #95) this week. But I knew I needed a heavy squat. I topped off at #255 (5 reps) which is relatively 85% of my 1 RM. I’d like my 5 RM back squat to be a bit heavier but I’m pretty happy right now.
The girls “Bday WOD” was pretty rough. Who designed that thing? (Oh yeah, I did)
Back Squat
“Kim and Crystal’s Bday WOD”
Complete 3 rounds of:
26 knees to elbows + 43 Double Unders
43 sprawls + OHS (#65)