(PR’d my Deadlift @ #410)
Power Snatch
Complete 3 rounds:
30 squat clean, #95
30 pull-ups
800m run
Today was an ok day for my power snatch.  I’m not so comfortable with the snatch.  I haven’t practiced a ton, I’m familar with the snatch but I could definitely get better.  For some reason I’m stuck at #115 right now, I’d love to play around with #135 but for a later time. 
I did “Badger” with Kelsey and Anthony today.  Anthony is getting ready to go to Marine Corp Bootcamp and this was one of those WOD’s that was on his bucket list, so today was the day to do it.  I could have sworn I’d never do this WOD again but how could I turn down a young mans dream and not do it with him, right?  I was in my 1set of squat cleans on the 10th rep and I already knew I was not going to be a fan of this workout.  I felt a ton slower than last time I did this but not every day is “your day”, am I right?
I look forward to my rest day and to play racquetball with J.D. over at the SJCC.