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CrossFit Shoe Review | Reebok CrossFit U-Form Oly Lifter’s

Reebok U-Form Olympic Lifting Shoes

Reebok CrossFit Olympic Lifting Shoes

Lifting with a purpose has always been my focus ever since starting CrossFit.  Prior to CrossFit my goal was to be lean but never with a specific focus, like being stronger and faster.  This October I took the plunge and started using a new olympic lifting shoes and my lifting has NEVER been the same.  My first pair was not the Reebok CrossFit U-Form Oly Lifter’s but they did the job, but now my lifting and comfort is day and night!  A new focus comes into play when you make the plunge from not using Oly shoes to using Oly shoes and that is the fact that you now have a solid piece of real estate to push your heels off of (bottom of your feet).  There are many things you have to think about when you are for example squatting, you need to push your knees out, keep your chest open, keep eyes forward and driving through the outside of your heels.  The last thing you need to think about is if your feet are moving in your shoes and that you can drive your heels into the ground.  The Reebok CrossFit U-Form Oly Lifter’s by far allow for this to happen!

Why Should I Wear Oly Lifting Shoes?

The reason I push ALL my athletes in this direction is because we all can use some extra support and to honest that in a nutshell is the reason.  An Oly weightlifting shoe will give you something solid to push off of. A unique trademark to the weightlifting shoe is a raised heel.  Back in the day old school lifter used bowling shoes with piece of wood glued to the bottom of them.  This style of shoes have developed over 100+ years so the designs are amazing now.  We have such advantages now because companies actually make shoes specifically for weightlifting.   It’s common knowledge that every sport has specific clothing apparel design so the fact that there are weightlifting shoe should be no surprise.  If you were a track runner you would have nothing but shoes with spike and this situation is no different so give the  Reebok CrossFit U-Form Oly Lifters a chance with the unique heel raise.

Proper Back Squat, Press and Front Squat Positioning


Learning proper positioning on any of the movement coming out of the rack is super important.  Regardless of the movement, either the back squat, press or the front squat positioning bar will set you up for success.  In todays video you will learn how to set the bar up on your back in either the “high bar” position or the “low bar” position for the squat.  The barbell position set up for the press is key also because you want assure wrist safety and barbell efficiency.  The last movement will be the front squat.  Again, wrist safety is the first reason you want to assure the bar is positioned correctly but also that the weight is secured before performing this movement.

The CrossFit Games Movtivates Me To Train – New Training Cycle

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(kelly, myself and adam after finishing my bday WOD, 5/10/10)
This was a pretty busy day for me and I was really lucky to squeeze in 2 workouts. The back squat felt heavy today but then again i did “Murph” (300 air squats) and “Badger” (180 squat cleans, #95) this week. But I knew I needed a heavy squat. I topped off at #255 (5 reps) which is relatively 85% of my 1 RM. I’d like my 5 RM back squat to be a bit heavier but I’m pretty happy right now.
The girls “Bday WOD” was pretty rough. Who designed that thing? (Oh yeah, I did)
Back Squat
“Kim and Crystal’s Bday WOD”
Complete 3 rounds of:
26 knees to elbows + 43 Double Unders
43 sprawls + OHS (#65)