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How Long Do I Need To Workout For?


This is one of the most common questions I receive from my athletes at StoneWay CrossFit and also athletes online.  The average days per week an athletes trains is three days.  The average length is thirty minutes.   But the real question is, “How long do you need to workout daily to qualify it as a workout?”  You will always get an opinion from someone in the room when asking this question but there is only one answer to this question.


If you look around you there are gyms on every corner for athletes to lift weights or run on treadmills, there are running and bike lanes in your city with runner and riders but there is not one answer to how long and how many days your are suppose to do all of the above.  But the question still lingers.


If weight loss or weight gain is your goal then how much and how long really does matters.  But what if you are just wanting to be active?   You want to be able to do more than you are doing right now.  You are not trying to win a marathon nor are you trying to place 1st in a local weight lifting competition.  So we are getting closer to the answer that we all want to know.  How long do you need to workout for it to qualify for a workout?


The next important topic is about “Intensity.”  Intensity: the quality of being intense!”


Did that all make sense?  Let me elaborate more.  Intensity is something some people are intimidated by simply because they are relating to someone else’s intensity.  The best way I explain this to my athletes is by letting them know that they are not allowed to compare themselves to others intensity.  The way you know if your intensity is high in your training is based off two things, heart rate and breathe.  Now they come as a team not one by itself.  If intensity was based on heart rate you could simply be stressed one day and have a high heart rate.  That would not mean your workout is intense.  They way you know you are working hard is that it’s a hard workout.  If at anytime you think,”This isn’t that bad” then you aren’t working hard enough.  The moment you say,”This stinks” definitely defines your workout as intense.


So, what is the definition to todays discussion, “How long do you need to workout daily to qualify it as a workout?”  Your workout is all defined on you as an athlete.  If you make the effort to go to the gym, track, etc and you push yourself hard for minimum of 20 minutes your workout is long enough.  If you walk/jog for 60 minutes and you don’t feel exhausted then you aren’t using your time efficiently.


4 rounds

1 minute Jogging

1 minute Push-ups

1 minute Sit-ups

1 minute Lunges

1 minute Rest

(20 minute workout)

Try this workout today.  Count how many steps you take, push-ups, sit-ups and lunges (each leg) and then repeat this workout 1 month later.  Be sure to push yourself hard but remembers to slow it down if you ever feel light headed, dizzy or nauseated.

I Hate Squatting


If there is one movement you do not want to exclude in your workout regimen, what do you think that movement is? Bench press? Bi-cep curls? Deadlift? Running?

When it comes to “working out” or “training” it really comes down to functionality.  You want to be better at doing something.  This could be increasing strength, getting faster or simply being able to move better.  Now there are some of those people that train/workout to just look a certain way but we won’t include this crowd because their main goals are not what I mentioned above.  Everyone wants to look a certain way but should never be your #1 goal (in my opinion).

The one movement I firmly believe needs to be in everyones regimen is the squat.   The squat comes in many forms and ways to be implemented but the bare bones of the movement is you getting your hips below your knees.


The squat when implemented correctly benefits the lower extremities in so many way it should never be skipped.  Multiple muscles are used simply by letting the hips go below parallel.  These muscles are the adductors, abductors, hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes (butt muscles).

Other benefits of squat are: increased caloric burn, shaping up your glutes, decrease in body fat,  increase overall strength, hip flexibility, abdominal conditioning and these are only the tip of the iceberg.

To be honest this article could go on for at least 100 + pages of squat facts but the main point of todays article is, “Be sure to Squat!”

Need help on your squat?  Sign up for a free consultation and allow one of our certified and experienced CrossFit Coaches assist you!

Survive 2013

CrossFit in Seattle
We are weeks away from the holiday and you know what that means, tons of “get togethers!”
On average every American gains between 5-15 pounds during this food mayhem.  When we speak about pounds we are talking about “bad pounds!”  All the events that will partake is totally a positive things especially with the huge decrease with social events.  Just over 20 years there was 33% more social events then are happening currently.  People now a days are spending more and more time alone.  So, the social events are incredible!
The problem is that either we americans don’t care about our health or we are just uneducated when it comes to food. Let’s just assume that we all care about our health and are simply uneducated.
To be honest the only way we are able to survive the holiday season while attending all our social events is by knowing to do when we arrive to our events.  Below is very simplistic outline but I 100% guarantee you will survive the holiday season lighter than you started.
Survival Outline
1) Take the “H20” challenge.  During the month of November and December only drink water as your primary source of liquid.  When you arrive to your party only have 1 or 2 (at most) drinks. That way you still can partake and are limit your calories.
2) Exercise 45 minutes daily.  I know what you are thinking, “I don’t have 45 minutes of time in my day!”  That ridiculous!  Wake up a littler earlier and go our for a little jog or join us at StoneWay CrossFit. (
3) Eat early.  Before you go to any event that involves food (even in non-holiday seasons) eat prior.  Pick food that will fill you and be healthy.  Foods like this would be: meat, almonds or any type of good fat.
4) Dance.  Definitely be fun and have fun.  If you don’t know how to dance just make it up.  This will count towards your 45 minutes in the day.
5) Small Plates. Whatever you do don’t use a big plate.  If you use a small plate you won’t feel like you need to pile on all the food.  This allows you to have 1-3 plates and not bust a button.
Best of luck to your health in 2014!

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

When I was a kid I wasn’t driven to workout at all.  I did play all the sports in my town but that’s because I loved to play.  It was until high school that I started watching “Yo Mtv rap” and “MTV Spring Break” that created the desire in me to look awesome with my shirt off.  However, I realized that what I wanted to look like wasn’t just going to happen.  That’s when I bought one of the Tony Little AB gimicks because I wanted a six pack.  The next trend I followed was just lifting weight.  I did basic movements : bench press , bicep exercises and tricep exercises.  What about my legs?  What about legs bro?!


My goal was to look good or what I thought looked good.  The fact of the matter is,  I never achieved this goal.  I did get a real good pump each day I did chest and arms but that did not last. .  I really didn’t want to do all the work  nor did I  know what that really meant.   When it came to nutrition I would skip breakfast daily, drink pepsi, eat pizza pockets.  My mom did prepare solid meals for dinner with meat and veggies, but that was one meal of the day.   No one told me that nutrition was a  huge part of the looking good also!

I’m giving you a background on myself growing up because if you knew me today this wouldn’t even make sense at all.  It is 100% opposite of what I do today.  On a daily basis I have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack combined with a lot of water.  Don’t get me wrong you will see a soda in my hand on a very rare occasion, I adore pizza but will not put a pizza pocket to my lips again!

Back to the whole purpose of this article.  In the grand scheme of things I wish someone told me  that the benefits of working out were not just for physical benefits.  There are so many more benefits that working out  gives you and physical transformation is just a small percentage of it.  Growing up I was very insecure, low self-esteem, chubby (soft body), did not make eye contact very much, not very out spoken, not very confident and the list could go on.  These things carried on with me until I graduated high school.  Things did not change very fast but they did start to change as I started to workout and later on started to push more weight I never fathomed to be able to do.  The real change happened that I could notice immediately when I started doing CrossFit.  My goals in life seem to be getting broader and the self confidence I started to accrue was incredible.  Prior to CrossFit I had never felt “bulletproof”, but now It’s a regular thing.  The downfall is that no one is really bulletproof.  BUT If you attack projects at work, house chores, etc without fear of failure think how effective you will be!


Benefits of working out and doing things out of your comfort zone:

-Self Confidence

-Fear of failure decreases

-Motivation to be active

-Increase your community


Now that you know my background you can now see what I learned and hopefully be successful a lot sooner than I was.   I wish someone would had told me that it’s not all about what you look like from working out rather what it does for you over all!  The truth is that looking great is an end product of all the hard work you put in but isn’t the reason why you workout.  I have had some really crappy days that feel so dark and the last thing I want to do is go do a WOD but  if “Scott from the future” could tell me how awesome I will soon feel then I’d feel stupid for trying to get out of my workout.  Anytime after a workout I feel like a rockstar.  Why?  Endorphines!

The best thing is having an awesome training session and realizing that no one can take that away from you.  I’ll never forget the day I pulled a 445 deadlift, hang cleaned 235, did all my double unders unbroken, finally snatched 175 or did my 1st muscle-up.  No matter what happened that day it was not going to be effected by anyone.  This benefit will also carry on throughout for weeks, months and years!

Truth is that life happens.  There are ups and down.  Friends come and go.  There are awesome weeks and crappy weeks, but the workout will always be there and will always be hard.   That’s really encouraging because whatever you do in a workout it will never be given to you.  You will always have to earn what you do.   When you start feeling better you will always look better.  That is why working out to look good is such a false hope. I wish someone told me to lift heavy weight, play sports and do things that make me feel uncomfortable because that will give me self confidence, social skills, leadership skills and that will make me feel comfortable in my own skin.

So in conclusion, don’t run, lift weights, do CrossFit, or anything regarding fitness to “look good” do it because it will help you feel  better about yourself overall.  That on itself is a reason to workout!

Fear of Failure

Why do we fear failure so much?  There are countries where failing is a good thing or it isn’t looked at in a negative way.  Why is it that we fear failure let alone letting others see it happen?  Because it makes us vulnerable.  News flash, we are all humans and make errors it’s  in our DNA.  The question isn’t,”Will I fail?” the question is,”What do you do when you fail?”

There are many quotes and sayings related to “failure” and how it’s a mark of strength simply by how you respond to that.  Take away all the trendy quotes and sayings I would agree 100%.  Regardless who we are we will fail in one way or another, the most important part is how do we respond to it.  I strongly believe a man/woman’s character is reflected by their response to failure.  Do they get up and try again or do they quit?  What do you do?

Taking risks is a good thing.  The only way ideas are born is because someone dares to put it out in the open.  If the idea is lame, who cares, think of another one until it sticks.  The challenge for today is to do something that scares you because fear is what holds you back. 3-2-1………..Go

Step 1

Why are you afraid to fail?

How do you respond to failure?

When you fail what is your immediate response?

Step 2

If you could do anything today but you don’t because you are scared to fail, what would it be?

What steps could you take TODAY to take the chance of failure?

When do you pursue it?

CrossFit is not for Everyone



Before I start I want to make a very clear statement: “CrossFit is for EVERYONE!” Just keep reading and my hope is that you will realize it is for you also!


What do you imagine when you think of a “CrossFit Gym/Box” or the athletes within those walls?

The reason this topic has come up is because the mass population is intimidated by the stereotypical idea of CrossFit.  The fear of elite fitness workouts, the “beach bodies” and fear of failing is initially what keeps us normal folks from taking the first step towards CrossFit.  Is any of this familiar to you?


I have great news!  The people  inside the walls of  StoneWay CrossFit are just like you.  They are normal human beings who have a normal life and have  goals as you do!  They want to lose weight, increase strength, achieve that six-pack, get ready for their wedding, feel comfortable with their shirt off, feel comfortable in their swim suit, get in the best shape of their life, look amazing for their upcoming class reunion and the list goes on.


The Truth about  StoneWay CrossFit:

-It’s hard (mentally and physically)

-There’s a learning process.

-There are beginners classes (Any legit gym will have a “Fundamentals/Essentials” program)

-CrossFit coaches are trained professionals

-ALL CrossFit gyms (that are legit) offer a FREE consultation with a certified CrossFit Coach before having you ever spending a dollar

-In a consultation, you will discuss: goals, injuries, fears, expectations

-Thinking “I am out of shape” Will never change, even athletes that have been training for years think this. CrossFit is constantly varied and you will feel this way even at your best

-The CrossFit community is unlike any thing you have ever been a part of


There are so many things that keep people from trying CrossFit and it’s simply because of the misconception of CrossFit.  I have been a personal trainer for over 7  years and I have been practicing the CrossFit methodology personally for over four years and using it with  ALL my clients for over three and a half years.  My clientele has ranged from ages 10 to 80 years old and there has never been one person who could not do CrossFit


Tough Love

CrossFit is not for everyone! The purpose of this statement is because the CrossFit intensity, dedication and training is not for everyone.  When I say it’s not for everyone I’m simply referring to the individual who is not willing to put themselves through the regiment program.


When you walk into StoneWay Crossfit for a class you will be given a warm-up, and a workout, For example,  Each day we practice a formal introduction as a group that I call the “Ice Breaker”  be expected to participate and encourage all the athletes in your class.  For some individuals this is too much interaction and accountability.  That is why I say,”CrossFit is not for Everyone!”


I firmly believe StoneWay CrossFit  is 100% legit and  anyone who walks though our doors will realize CrossFit is for them.  Our coaches hold each of their athletes to standard which simply means they care about their athletes safety and progression.


If you are still on the fence thinking, “Is CrossFit for me?” Please contact me and I will personally  show you a version of CrossFit that would work for you. Or I will connect you with a local CrossFit gym that I believe will help you.


Contact me at

Open 13.2 Coaching Tips

"Don't think if that WOD was hard, rather consider if you could have got 1 more rep!"

CrossFit Open WOD 13.2 has been release and been tested by many around the world already.  Have you done it yet?  If so the first thought of many is “What could have I done different?”  After sitting back and thinking while coaching my athletes I think I have some pretty solid insight to share with the CrossFit community.  Just follow my steps and establish your best “Game Plan!”


Walking into the workout having a “Game Plan” so important because once you are in the middle of it you don’t have to improvise.  As always there are way to make each movement happen faster and this is what I suggest.



-Position the bar 3-4 feet behind the box.  After completing the first two movements you turn 180 degrees and go right into the box jumps

Shoulder to Overhead: 


-Try to not use legs if possible.  Still do a push press but limit the legs being use because you will be exhausting your legs in the deadlift and box jumps

-Right after your 5th rep drop bar to hip take a deep breath then proceed to deadlift



-Use the rubber plate you have.  “More ounce to the bounce!”

-Rebound the bar off the ground.  The bar should  not be at a dead stop at all

-At your 10th rep (upright) let the bar drop


Box Jump:

-Step up and jump down!  The entire workout your legs are going to be working so give them a break by stepping up.

My thought process is that your shoulders and quads will start to get exhausted, then when you deadlift your quad and back will start to exhaust then then quads if your jump up and down.  Therefore, step up your glutes can take some of the load.



Give yourself 20 minutes (minimum) to get your body moving in the right plane that our body will be moving soon along with joints. For example: Deadlift (sagittal plane- up/down or push/pull), Box Jump (sagittal plane and hip, knee and ankle joints), Shoulder to Overhead (shoulder joint, hips, knees and ankles).  This will not only warm you up but help loosen up any tight body parts.

Warm-up Example (a):

3 rounds (not for time)

15 Air Squat

50 Double Unders


1 rounds

5 Shoulder to Overhead, #45

10 Deadlift, #45

15 Box Jumps (5 step ups w/step down, 5 box jumps w/step down, 5 box jumps w/jumping down)


5 Shoulder to Overhead, #135/95

10 Deadlift, #45

15 Box Jumps (5 step ups w/step down, 5 box jumps w/step down, 5 box jumps w/jumping down)

rest 1 minute


2 rounds

5 SOH, 115/75

10 Deadlift

15 Box Jumps (your preference)

rest 10 minutes (minimum)


Perform WOD 13.2!!!!


13.2 Coaching Summary

This is what I think will give you the best outcome to your CrossFit Open performance!  If you ever want to join me at my gym please contact me at


Good Luck Athletes!

Game Time

There have been whispers. There have been rumors. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you — they’re all true and there is STILL TIME!!!!

The Whole Life Challenge is back, and it’s bigger and better than before! The WLC started at CrossFit LA a year and a half ago, and our first time at StoneWay CrossFit. Therefore you can always say that you were among the first to play in Seattle. This time there are around  10,000-20,000 people from affiliates around the world participating!

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week health and fitness game that will have you take a 10,000 foot, birds-eye view of your whole life inside of your commitment to your health and well-being. You will take on your nutrition, your workouts, your daily habits, and maybe most importantly, your personal beliefs about what’s possible for you. The game is played online (and for those of you who have played before — we have a brand new site for you!) AND in your life. You will be measured at the beginning of the challenge in a prelims event where you will do a baseline workout and complete some basic body measurements. Everyday you will follow the specific rules and guidelines of the challenge and every day you will log online and give yourself a score for how you did the day before. This isn’t about getting a perfect score every day, it’s about having a score each day to know how effective you are. Increasing your effectiveness over the course of the challenge is where it’s at! After 8-weeks you will repeat the measurements again to see how you improved and who won!

The best part is, you are welcome to invite your friends and family to play along with you in the game and have them get the same great results that you get!

Here are the details:
Entry Fee: $45 for everyone–all members, friends, and family.
Prelims: Saturday, February 16th (Registration closes 2/22, it has been extended)
Finals: Saturday, April 13th

Athlete registration is open at this LINK and join our time StoneWay Tribe.
Friends & Family may play along with you, but you must be registered first to invite them to join.

Your first step — visit our official Facebook Fan Page and like it! It’s already starting to pick up notice because of our daily post and conversations regarding this challenge!

For more details, talk to a staff member or your coach at StoneWay CrossFit or email me personally,!

How to Bullet Proof Your Coffee

Bullet Proof Coffee

Seattle Coffee and butter

If any of you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook then you have heard about my new addiction.  For some of you this is your first interaction with any of my posts. So let me break down what my new addiction is. Butter in my coffer.  The recipe was a regular cup of joe (Fair trade, organic, decaf or reg.) combined with 2 tablespoons of Kerry Gold (unsalted) butter.  My first reaction was exactly what yours is right now!  Yuck!  This butter coffee craze was adjusted into my daily life,  I was still doing CrossFit,  eating clean, staying hydrated and burning fat with healthy fat (butter).


As you can imagine this perked my curiosity, so I decided to take the plunge and try it out.  Prior to this experiment I had been drinking my coffee black for 12 years.  The thought of adding something like butter to my coffee was different yet a possible perk!  After trying it out I did notice my lips were a little smoother.  The best part of it all was that I didn’t crave sweets and I was fuller longer.  If you know me personally you know that my favorite cheat treat is Oreos and ice cream. However I had no desire for it, not only throughout the day but more important at night time.  These were the immediate results.  As time went on (2 weeks) my pants were looser also. My literal response out loud was ,”What?!”  So far this was not a bad experiment.  After reading Dave Asprey’s blog post “Recipe: How to Make Coffee Bullet Proof and Your Morning Too” I started using my coffee and butter as my breakfast.

Why? Read this great article by John Kiefer “Carb Back-Loading Step 1: Breakfast”  After reading this explanation and the previous article I was sold that this set up was a successful way to start your day off.


Below is the instruction on how to Bullet Proof your own coffee each morning.  This is my personal prescription each morning and I highly recommend you try it out also.

Pre-Funk: Drink 20-40 oz of H2O (depending on weight) immediately after waking. DO NOT put anything in your mouth until you have finished your “Pre-Funk!”

Step 1: Make a pot of coffee

Step 2: Slice 2 tablespoons of Kerry Gold (unsalted) butter or any grass fed butter of your choice *natural flavor is NOT grass fed.

Step 3: Pour your 8-12 oz of coffee into your blender (I use my Blend Tec or Magic Bullet), add 2tbs of butter, then blend for no more then 10 seconds. You don’t want to increase too much pressure or have too much foam.

Step 4: Enjoy the foaming goodness!  Repeat a second cup when you feel your body can handle it. This is recommended at some point.


If you like this post leave a comment and share the link with friends!

Pre-Coaches Prep Course | CrossFit Training Program

Have you ever thought about coaching? Maybe even a little bit?  Starting in January I will be holding a “Pre-Coaches Prep Course” series for athletes who have ever entertained the idea about coaching.  The series will be held weekly lasting between 50-60 minutes in length.  The class with be 100% hands on.  No coaching experiences required at all, however the only thing that I ask is that you have been doing CrossFit for minimum of 8 -12 months.  This course is not for beginners.

(Pre-requisites: Completed “CrossFit Essentials” or some type of ONRAMP, 8-12 months CrossFit experience and has a desire to be a leader)
Course Format and Requirements
Each class we will cover 3 of the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit.  We will work through the progressions, points of performance and assisting in developing a coaches eye that can spot faults.  We will walk through the “set-up” of the movement, doing the movement and  then correcting the movement.  We will work in a big group and I will teach the session as if it is everyones first day.  We require that each participant who applies for this course have an intermediate understanding of CrossFit so there is no need for me to introduce the movements.  Before arrival read through the Level 1 Training Guide especially pages 104-113.
Purpose and Goal
There is a huge demand for qualified, competent, caring and motivating coaches that have a desire to be 100% badass! At StoneWay CrossFit ALL our coaches resemble this.  The only way an individual can develop this “badass” status is by being around “badass” coaches, obtaining all the experience they have learned and developed.  Our goal is to help start the pathway for any up and coming coach that fits our requirements. We want to give them the tools to become a top notch “badass” coach!
How do you sign up and What is required?
 The steps:
1) Write up a proposal letter on why you want to be a coach and why this is the best step for you.  Give a brief background on your fitness experience including how long you have been doing CrossFit. We will be choosing a limited amount participants.
2) Cost- $0.  This is our 1st official “Pre-Coaches Prep” I expect these spots to fill up fast.  For a limited time, we are offering 8 FREE spots who meet the requirements.
3) Required: Attend ALL classes.
4) Contact me at