I Hate Squatting


If there is one movement you do not want to exclude in your workout regimen, what do you think that movement is? Bench press? Bi-cep curls? Deadlift? Running?

When it comes to “working out” or “training” it really comes down to functionality.  You want to be better at doing something.  This could be increasing strength, getting faster or simply being able to move better.  Now there are some of those people that train/workout to just look a certain way but we won’t include this crowd because their main goals are not what I mentioned above.  Everyone wants to look a certain way but should never be your #1 goal (in my opinion).

The one movement I firmly believe needs to be in everyones regimen is the squat.   The squat comes in many forms and ways to be implemented but the bare bones of the movement is you getting your hips below your knees.


The squat when implemented correctly benefits the lower extremities in so many way it should never be skipped.  Multiple muscles are used simply by letting the hips go below parallel.  These muscles are the adductors, abductors, hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes (butt muscles).

Other benefits of squat are: increased caloric burn, shaping up your glutes, decrease in body fat,  increase overall strength, hip flexibility, abdominal conditioning and these are only the tip of the iceberg.

To be honest this article could go on for at least 100 + pages of squat facts but the main point of todays article is, “Be sure to Squat!”

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