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We are weeks away from the holiday and you know what that means, tons of “get togethers!”
On average every American gains between 5-15 pounds during this food mayhem.  When we speak about pounds we are talking about “bad pounds!”  All the events that will partake is totally a positive things especially with the huge decrease with social events.  Just over 20 years there was 33% more social events then are happening currently.  People now a days are spending more and more time alone.  So, the social events are incredible!
The problem is that either we americans don’t care about our health or we are just uneducated when it comes to food. Let’s just assume that we all care about our health and are simply uneducated.
To be honest the only way we are able to survive the holiday season while attending all our social events is by knowing to do when we arrive to our events.  Below is very simplistic outline but I 100% guarantee you will survive the holiday season lighter than you started.
Survival Outline
1) Take the “H20” challenge.  During the month of November and December only drink water as your primary source of liquid.  When you arrive to your party only have 1 or 2 (at most) drinks. That way you still can partake and are limit your calories.
2) Exercise 45 minutes daily.  I know what you are thinking, “I don’t have 45 minutes of time in my day!”  That ridiculous!  Wake up a littler earlier and go our for a little jog or join us at StoneWay CrossFit. (
3) Eat early.  Before you go to any event that involves food (even in non-holiday seasons) eat prior.  Pick food that will fill you and be healthy.  Foods like this would be: meat, almonds or any type of good fat.
4) Dance.  Definitely be fun and have fun.  If you don’t know how to dance just make it up.  This will count towards your 45 minutes in the day.
5) Small Plates. Whatever you do don’t use a big plate.  If you use a small plate you won’t feel like you need to pile on all the food.  This allows you to have 1-3 plates and not bust a button.
Best of luck to your health in 2014!

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