Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

When I was a kid I wasn’t driven to workout at all.  I did play all the sports in my town but that’s because I loved to play.  It was until high school that I started watching “Yo Mtv rap” and “MTV Spring Break” that created the desire in me to look awesome with my shirt off.  However, I realized that what I wanted to look like wasn’t just going to happen.  That’s when I bought one of the Tony Little AB gimicks because I wanted a six pack.  The next trend I followed was just lifting weight.  I did basic movements : bench press , bicep exercises and tricep exercises.  What about my legs?  What about legs bro?!


My goal was to look good or what I thought looked good.  The fact of the matter is,  I never achieved this goal.  I did get a real good pump each day I did chest and arms but that did not last. .  I really didn’t want to do all the work  nor did I  know what that really meant.   When it came to nutrition I would skip breakfast daily, drink pepsi, eat pizza pockets.  My mom did prepare solid meals for dinner with meat and veggies, but that was one meal of the day.   No one told me that nutrition was a  huge part of the looking good also!

I’m giving you a background on myself growing up because if you knew me today this wouldn’t even make sense at all.  It is 100% opposite of what I do today.  On a daily basis I have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack combined with a lot of water.  Don’t get me wrong you will see a soda in my hand on a very rare occasion, I adore pizza but will not put a pizza pocket to my lips again!

Back to the whole purpose of this article.  In the grand scheme of things I wish someone told me  that the benefits of working out were not just for physical benefits.  There are so many more benefits that working out  gives you and physical transformation is just a small percentage of it.  Growing up I was very insecure, low self-esteem, chubby (soft body), did not make eye contact very much, not very out spoken, not very confident and the list could go on.  These things carried on with me until I graduated high school.  Things did not change very fast but they did start to change as I started to workout and later on started to push more weight I never fathomed to be able to do.  The real change happened that I could notice immediately when I started doing CrossFit.  My goals in life seem to be getting broader and the self confidence I started to accrue was incredible.  Prior to CrossFit I had never felt “bulletproof”, but now It’s a regular thing.  The downfall is that no one is really bulletproof.  BUT If you attack projects at work, house chores, etc without fear of failure think how effective you will be!


Benefits of working out and doing things out of your comfort zone:

-Self Confidence

-Fear of failure decreases

-Motivation to be active

-Increase your community


Now that you know my background you can now see what I learned and hopefully be successful a lot sooner than I was.   I wish someone would had told me that it’s not all about what you look like from working out rather what it does for you over all!  The truth is that looking great is an end product of all the hard work you put in but isn’t the reason why you workout.  I have had some really crappy days that feel so dark and the last thing I want to do is go do a WOD but  if “Scott from the future” could tell me how awesome I will soon feel then I’d feel stupid for trying to get out of my workout.  Anytime after a workout I feel like a rockstar.  Why?  Endorphines!

The best thing is having an awesome training session and realizing that no one can take that away from you.  I’ll never forget the day I pulled a 445 deadlift, hang cleaned 235, did all my double unders unbroken, finally snatched 175 or did my 1st muscle-up.  No matter what happened that day it was not going to be effected by anyone.  This benefit will also carry on throughout for weeks, months and years!

Truth is that life happens.  There are ups and down.  Friends come and go.  There are awesome weeks and crappy weeks, but the workout will always be there and will always be hard.   That’s really encouraging because whatever you do in a workout it will never be given to you.  You will always have to earn what you do.   When you start feeling better you will always look better.  That is why working out to look good is such a false hope. I wish someone told me to lift heavy weight, play sports and do things that make me feel uncomfortable because that will give me self confidence, social skills, leadership skills and that will make me feel comfortable in my own skin.

So in conclusion, don’t run, lift weights, do CrossFit, or anything regarding fitness to “look good” do it because it will help you feel  better about yourself overall.  That on itself is a reason to workout!

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