Fear of Failure

Why do we fear failure so much?  There are countries where failing is a good thing or it isn’t looked at in a negative way.  Why is it that we fear failure let alone letting others see it happen?  Because it makes us vulnerable.  News flash, we are all humans and make errors it’s  in our DNA.  The question isn’t,”Will I fail?” the question is,”What do you do when you fail?”

There are many quotes and sayings related to “failure” and how it’s a mark of strength simply by how you respond to that.  Take away all the trendy quotes and sayings I would agree 100%.  Regardless who we are we will fail in one way or another, the most important part is how do we respond to it.  I strongly believe a man/woman’s character is reflected by their response to failure.  Do they get up and try again or do they quit?  What do you do?

Taking risks is a good thing.  The only way ideas are born is because someone dares to put it out in the open.  If the idea is lame, who cares, think of another one until it sticks.  The challenge for today is to do something that scares you because fear is what holds you back. 3-2-1………..Go

Step 1

Why are you afraid to fail?

How do you respond to failure?

When you fail what is your immediate response?

Step 2

If you could do anything today but you don’t because you are scared to fail, what would it be?

What steps could you take TODAY to take the chance of failure?

When do you pursue it?

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