Open 13.2 Coaching Tips

"Don't think if that WOD was hard, rather consider if you could have got 1 more rep!"

CrossFit Open WOD 13.2 has been release and been tested by many around the world already.  Have you done it yet?  If so the first thought of many is “What could have I done different?”  After sitting back and thinking while coaching my athletes I think I have some pretty solid insight to share with the CrossFit community.  Just follow my steps and establish your best “Game Plan!”


Walking into the workout having a “Game Plan” so important because once you are in the middle of it you don’t have to improvise.  As always there are way to make each movement happen faster and this is what I suggest.



-Position the bar 3-4 feet behind the box.  After completing the first two movements you turn 180 degrees and go right into the box jumps

Shoulder to Overhead: 


-Try to not use legs if possible.  Still do a push press but limit the legs being use because you will be exhausting your legs in the deadlift and box jumps

-Right after your 5th rep drop bar to hip take a deep breath then proceed to deadlift



-Use the rubber plate you have.  “More ounce to the bounce!”

-Rebound the bar off the ground.  The bar should  not be at a dead stop at all

-At your 10th rep (upright) let the bar drop


Box Jump:

-Step up and jump down!  The entire workout your legs are going to be working so give them a break by stepping up.

My thought process is that your shoulders and quads will start to get exhausted, then when you deadlift your quad and back will start to exhaust then then quads if your jump up and down.  Therefore, step up your glutes can take some of the load.



Give yourself 20 minutes (minimum) to get your body moving in the right plane that our body will be moving soon along with joints. For example: Deadlift (sagittal plane- up/down or push/pull), Box Jump (sagittal plane and hip, knee and ankle joints), Shoulder to Overhead (shoulder joint, hips, knees and ankles).  This will not only warm you up but help loosen up any tight body parts.

Warm-up Example (a):

3 rounds (not for time)

15 Air Squat

50 Double Unders


1 rounds

5 Shoulder to Overhead, #45

10 Deadlift, #45

15 Box Jumps (5 step ups w/step down, 5 box jumps w/step down, 5 box jumps w/jumping down)


5 Shoulder to Overhead, #135/95

10 Deadlift, #45

15 Box Jumps (5 step ups w/step down, 5 box jumps w/step down, 5 box jumps w/jumping down)

rest 1 minute


2 rounds

5 SOH, 115/75

10 Deadlift

15 Box Jumps (your preference)

rest 10 minutes (minimum)


Perform WOD 13.2!!!!


13.2 Coaching Summary

This is what I think will give you the best outcome to your CrossFit Open performance!  If you ever want to join me at my gym please contact me at


Good Luck Athletes!

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