Holiday Survival Guide and Free Fitness Plan

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Want to survive during the holiday and not be a statistic wanting to lose the 20 extra pounds gained during holidays?  I knew you wanted to different from your friends.  During this time of the year is seems to be socially accepted to party like it’s 1999 (That’s a “Prince” reference for all you youngsters), over drink, eat and gain 5-20 pounds.  Deep down inside everyone want to skip working out and not maintain a reasonable diet but that’s not how our bodies work.

FACT: If you eat more calories then you burn on a daily basis you will gain weight!  So don’t be surprised when 2013 shows up and you have extra weight in areas you didn’t have just weeks before!!!

If you ask any of my clients or athletes at my box they’d tell you I’m all about planning for success.  There’s know way to achieve goals (in general) if you don’t plan to succeed.  If you don’t care about weight or extra fat then stop reading NOW!!!

Now for you who actually give a care I have put down some really simple points on ways to enjoy the holiday parties and stay in shape.  Also below is a full week workout plan.  Now you won’t  have any legit excuses on why you gained weight this year.

2013 Survival Guide

1) Prior to arriving to any dinners, parties or “Happy Hours” make sure you eat.  NEVER show up to any of these functions starving.  All inhibitions goes straight out the door!

2) Make a point to exercise/do something physical for minimum 30 minutes per day.  This could be running around at the park with your kids, football with the family, walks after dinner or actually making an effort to go out in the garage or hit up your box and do a WOD.  (See WOD’s below)

3) Pick ONE day of the week to let it all out!  That means during the week don’t pig out, don’t over eat in the sugar category, don’t starve yourself but eat balance meals (40% Protein, 40% Fat, 20% Carbs).  When you decide to go all out make sure it’s this day and only this day.

4) Don’t get smashed!  Don’t over drink and cram tons of sugar down your throat.  Beer and Liquor is straight sugar that results in FAT.  Don’t try to argue with me saying,”But what about the clear drink or the wine?”  Allow yourself the leisure to drink just DON”T GET SMASHED!!!

5) Start making goals for 2013 today!  Not to start 2013 but what you want to do by 2013 or at least have started by 2013

6) Take pictures of yourself TODAY!!!! Yep, I said it.  Want to remember what you looked like before the holiday parties start?  You better because if you eat and splurge like you have permission then you are giving yourself permission increase your waistline!!

Now don’t get me wrong I want you to enjoy the time with your family and friends without being controlled by the fear of weight gain.  The only way to do this is to make a plan on how you eat, drink and exercise.

Workout Plan for 2013


“Base Line” 

400m run

50 Air Squats

40 Sit-ups

30 Push-ups

20 Burpees

*Beginners: 1 round

*Intermediate/Advance: 2 rounds


5 rounds

15-30 Box Jumps

200m run

15-30 Push Presses


15 minute running clock complete as many rounds as possible

30-60 Walking Lunges

10-20 Pull-ups

30-60 Double Unders or 120-180 Single Skips


Go out for a low intensity walk or jog for 25-40 minutes


10 rounds

100m run

10 Goblet Squats (use a weight and hold in front of chest)

5 Broad Jump Burpees (do a burpee then jump forward)


30  “Christmas Survivors”

Using 25-45 lb dumbbells

Push-up + Hang Clean + Push Press (all movements with DB)

*Try to be 10 minutes


Rest Day

Why is there a range for weight and reps?

If you are a beginner use the far left number, if you intermediate/advance use the far right number. (For example: 15-30 reps)


It is my hope that you walk into 2013 feeling better than you have ever felt and that will simply be because you planned to survive this holiday!


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