The CrossFit Games Movtivates Me To Train – New Training Cycle

The past weekend I spent all 3 days watching the top fittest athletes in the world compete for the right to call themselves the “Fittest on Earth”!  Not only was this adventure a ton of fun and enjoyable it was super motivational to train harder, smarter and continual.  As I sat in the stands and day dreamed what it was like to be down on the floor competing I continued to ponder if it was realistic for me to be there?  The days continued and I really feel comfortable thinking I could possibly be a CrossFit Games athlete for the team portion.  This may be a HUGE pipe dream but I’m gonna shoot for stars! A lot of you know that I have been doing the CrossFit Invictus Comp WOD’s for over 16 weeks and I will continue to as I train for the games (unless something changes) and the reason I have adopted this program is because I have been getting retarded RESULTS.

The new strength cycle started on Monday but I was unable to do it because I was traveling so I did a two a day today.  Earlier I worked on my Back Squats (1RM), Weighted pull-ups (strict), max back squats @ 85% and max handstand push-ups.  Below are some footage of today’s session, #1 then footage and results from session #2. (Rest between sessions: 2-3 hours)

Sessions #1

Back Squat 1RM: #355


Max Back Squat Reps: 8 reps


Max Handstand Push-ups (Games Standards): 17 reps


Session #2

Max Double Unders in 3 minutes: 219 reps

Bench Press 1RM: #260, PR!!!

30 second max meter rows w/2:30 rest



Such a fulfilling day along with being super fun!  Can’t wait to see what awaits us tomorrow.  In the near future I will post pictures from the Games when I get a chance to.

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  • Great PR’s to the above guys and girls. That rocks (and tells me I need to start deadlifting more). The monnirg crew had a few PR’s as well:Theodore 435Thomas 385Chad 405Jarrod 305 (first time deadlifting!!!)

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