CrossFit Shoe Review-Inov8 F-Lite 195

As a CrossFit athlete and CrossFit coach I am around some of the most top notch gear on the market along with haveing the pleasure of testing it daily.  This review is about the Inov8 F-Lite 195 Natural Running/CrossFit shoe.  When shopping for a minimalist shoe I knew I wanted little to no heel so when I trained or ran I wasn’t bouncing all over the place but had a solid support to drive off the ground.   A friend of mine Joe Bauer from mentioned that he picked up a pair of shoes from the Inov8 family so I did my research and picked up a pair of my own from   Not only was I impressed with all of the shoe models and colors to choose from but also the impecable customer service at  I had many questions before picking my specific model type and not only were my emails responded to in a timely manner I was personally invited to come into their Mercer Island location for a personal fitting when I was unsure of what size I wanted to order.

The first thing I was attracted to about this shoe was the color and design ( I know super vain, right?!).  When you live in workout clothing you care how it looks.  After I was hooked on it’s clean look the fit was my second attraction.  You ever had “that” pair of shoes that took months if not years to break in?  Of course you do, that’s why it takes forever for you to give up on that pair of shoes and go through the cycle all over again.  I didn’ t have that issue at all with my Inov 8 F-Lite 195.  After wearing them for 5 minutes I already felt immediately drawn to the shoe simply by it’s feel.  My third attraction was the feel of the shoe when I moved (walked, ran and jumped).  After picking up my shoes from  I knew I could return it if I had any problems so I knew I had nothing to lose.  I didn’t just test them in the store I took them back to the box (StoneWay CrossFit) and continued my test.  My test included heavy power cleans, squats and Push Jerks (split).  The support I felt was awesome.  The tight fit felt like I wasn’t even wearing foot gear.  I was able to move around without feeling like my feet were without support.  The final test I gave was sprints at the track.  I’m training for the Seattle Marathon and using the CrossFit Endurance method and 2/3 of my workouts during my week are on the track so what not better way to test my new minimalist shoe then on the track.  When sprinting I not only felt the soft cushion of the track but also the complimentary cushion of the Inov8 F-Lite 195.  I felt each stride in an amazing way.  So comfortable!!!

So, if you are a serious CrossFit athlete or an athlete looking for a comfortable, minimalist, breathable shoe I highly recommend the Inov8 F-Lite 195.  When you decide to take the leap and purchase your first pair of Inov8 F-Lite 195 take advantage of the 10% discount from  

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