Saturday with "Fran"

I’ve been following the main site here and there because as a coach I need an outside programming and that’s what has done for me for over a year and a half. Anyways, I did back squats (5-5-5-5-5) yesterday and today’s WOD was “Fran” so that’s what I did. I finished up my training today and was able to squeeze in a short metcon. I’ve also noticed that I’ve been doing my strength workouts and long metcon workouts but I’ve been lacking in my short metcon, so I need to get those in the mix.
Time-2:52, PR!
Yes! I freakin PR’d “Fran”! Last time I did her I stopped for a few seconds to breath and this time I didn’t stop at all. I dropped off the bar and saw 2:52 and I was psyched out my mind! The only people in the gym were myself and Priscilla Bell (Bell Curve Fitness). The music playing was “99 Problems”, Jay-Z and Pantera.
It was a great diverse atmosphere again. The gym was almost vacant, music in the background and and it was me against the barbell and pull-up bar.

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