I knew that saturday was going to be a packed day and that I was going to be semi-celebrating my bday so I went in to SWCF a little early before my 1st session and I snuck in a strength WOD: Push Jerk

Push Jerk


This was pretty tight because my old  1RM is 195 and I was Jerking 175 as 3 RM.  If I wasn’t pressed for time I would messed around with my 1RM but another time. 

Absolute rest day and hang out with my family.  Took the kids to the park with my sister (karebear) and then rested a bunch.

Tomorrow is my 32nd birthday and I’m siked to hit my “Birthday WOD”.  Corey programmed it.  I figure it wasn’t doing anyone a favor programming what I wanted in my bday workout, so I knew Core would step it up and he did. 

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