Birthday WOD

So today officially  marked my 32 years of existense on planet earth.  I couldn’t find a more reasonable thing to do but celebrate it with grueling workout, so I asked Corey to program today’s WOD.  Here is what he came up with.
16 Muscle-ups
32 Burpees
32 Double Unders
32 Push Press
32 Double Unders
32 Squat Cleans, #75
32 Double Unders
32 Snatches
32 Double Unders
32 Push-ups
16 Muscle-up
My time today was 19:18 but as I re-write this WOD I realized I didn’t do the Squat Cleans.  Ugh!  Doh!  You know what that means?  I’m redoing this at the 1pm class.  I better start fueling myself with proper fuel right now (11:28am).  It is official 1 hour before I was offically born/delivered 32 years ago.  That’s a deep thought. 
Ok, I will comment or repost my next time.  Those muscle-ups worked me, not so much the 1st round but totally the 2nd set.  I was doing it 1 rep at at a time.

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