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Welcome to Stoneway Crossfit! You are invited to visit the Stoneway CrossFit family and attend a complimentary introduction to CrossFit by one of our certified CrossFit coaches.


Step 1 – FREE Consultation


Congratulations on taking the first step to achieve your goals. Please fill out this free consultation form below. We will contact you to schedule a time to come in for your consultation. This CrossFit introduction is designed to give you a better understanding to our methodologies along with establish new fitness goals!


Step 2 – Private Training


In step 2 you will complete 5 private sessions. During these sessions you will learn the proper techniques necessary to avoid injury and get the most out of your workout. These are the building blocks to achieve your goals in a group setting.


Step 3 – Group Classes


This final step is where you take off and begin the real work to achieve your goals. By this time, you will have a basic understanding of how Crossfit works, what your limitations are and get the support you need to break through to new personal records in a group session. You will get to know other crossfit athletes and expand your peer support group.


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*This free introduction consultation does not apply to any other offers. (Specials, Gift Cards, Etc)

*Free introduction consultation is limited to one per person. New people to StoneWay Crossfit only.