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Weakness Warm-up

The coach will help you pick from the following based on your weakness:

  • 50 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 70/50 Calorie AAB
  • Row or Run 1 Mile

We will have these types of warm ups incorporated in the programming once per week throughout the Open. The goal of the weakness warm up is to get comfortable in a mono structural element that you aren’t comfortable with simply by making you do it more. If you feel good, push the pace. If not, cruise. After the warm up, drill the HS walk.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Hip Extension Stretch, 1:30/side


AMRAP 20 Minutes: 15/12 Calorie Row, 20 Step Ups w/ 1 DB (50/35), 24′ Handstand Walk

The focus for the day is giving you the opportunity to practice handstand walking under some fatigue. Even wall walks should only be saved as a last ditch scaling option or for those who can’t perform some HS walk variation. The most common HS walk fault we see is athletes being nervous and not allowing their feet to get out in front of them so that their weight is pulling them forward. For larger classes consider staggering the start, having athletes start on different stations, or allow using other other machines (or a 300m run outside). 24′ HS walk corresponds to the length of 4 standard 6’x4’ mats (the long way, or 6 mats the short way for ease of floor-marking. The overall pace of this workout should be steady and consistent, again with the focus on HS walking.



Team Workout