CrossFit Essentials class doing work

WOD Schedule

6am, 9:30am, 12pm, 5pm

“Paleo Challenge Seminar”


*meet up stairs

CrossFit Essentials, #3



Push Jerk-4RM, 90% x 4 x 2

Push Press-5RM, 90% x 5 x 2

Back Squat-5RM, 90% x 5 x 4

Bent Row– 5 RM, 90% x 5 x 2

Unachored Sit-ups- 3 x max reps

*when you pause or stop you are done

This week your goal is to beat your numbers from last week. We’re not aiming for failed reps, but push as hard as you can – next week will be a slight back-off week to recover from this week’s effort.


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