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Set the clock for 3 minutes and accumulate as much time as possible in a ring support hold (the top portion of the ring dip).

Focus on keeping your elbows glued to your sides with you palms in external rotation. Maintain a strong hollow body position the entire time. Do not hold for so long that you start shaking excessively.

– then –

2 Rounds: 10 Light Power Cleans, 10 Bar Facing Burpees

Mobility Recommendation: LAX Ball Pec Smash 2:00 per side – work shoulder and pec


Bench Press: Find a 3RM

No sternum bounces, we are looking for a competition-legal bench press. Keep your hips on the bench and don’t excessively arch.


21-15-9: Power Cleans (115/75), 7-5-3: Muscle Ups – 12 minute cap

This workout is designed to be a fast one. Power cleans should be 3 sets or less each round and the muscle ups should be no more than 3 sets each round. To be clear, the workout goes: 21 Power Cleans, 7 Muscle Ups, 15/5, 9/3.



Rowing Technique Work: Accumulate 1-2k

Focus on keeping the heels down and using the hamstrings vs. quads – learn to use your posterior chain while rowing!

– then –

2 Steady Rounds: 15 Wallballs, 10 Hops Over the Ball

Mobility Recommendation: 2-3 minute T-spine smash with roller or double LAX ball


For Time: 60 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20), 80/64 Cal Row, 100 Wall Balls (20/14)

This chipper is designed to take around 20 minutes. Be consistent in your pacing for both the burpees and rowing and then, for the wall balls keep the sets repeatable without too much standing around.


3×20 Single Arm Kettlebell Row (10 reps per arm)

AHAP with perfect form. The key when doing accessory work is quality of movement. Control, control, control.