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Warm Up

Move Steadily Through: 10 Empty Bar Front Squats, 20 Front Rack Duck Walk Steps, 10 Power Position Squat Cleans, 20 Empty Bar RDLs, 10 Front Squats

Reinforce a good power position as you’re warming up, as it’s going to be really important for your squat clean today. The second priority is opening up your front rack position.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Front Rack Stretch 2:00/side

Strength Test

1RM Squat Clean + 4 Front Squats

This is the strength test for the month and will be re-tested. Get hyped about moving some weight today! Spend a long time working through technique on the squat clean prior to starting this piece. Drill the value of positioning and how it leads to better movement.

Conditioning Test

For Time: 30/18 Calorie AAB, 15 Front Squats (155/105)

We want this to be a short, painful push. Time domain is sub 4 minutes – ensure you scale to hit that intended time domain. The barbell reps and weight are meant to make you push to go unbroken, but you may end up having to do 2 sets to get it done. Good bye legs & lungs.

Extra (Before/After Class): Endurance

Row 20 Min – record total distance; may sub for AB or run



Join us for a 4th of July workout at 9 or 10:30!

Extra (Before/After Class): Max Aerobic Power

18 Rounds: Row :30, Rest :30 – record distance or cals each interval; may sub for AB or run