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MONDAY 10/28

Warm Up

Steady 5 Minute AMRAP, Strict Cindy: 3 Strict Pull Ups, 6 Perfect Push Ups, 9 Air Squats

Speed up as you get warmer in this quick little AMRAP. Strict banded pull ups or ring rows are fine for this, but no kipping.

Mobility Recommendation: Couch Stretch, 1:30 per side or 3:00 of glute activation work (bridges, lunges, etc.)

Strength (Deload Week 4)

Back Squat: 5 @ 50%, 5 @ 55%, 5 @ 60% (use your working weight to calculate percentages, last set is not for max reps)

“Deload Week” is a rest week with an active spin on it – we decrease the percentages but you still have the opportunity to practice your movements.


In Partners, AMRAP 25 Minutes: 80/60 Calorie Row, 60 Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35), 400m Farmers Carry (50/35), 20 Muscle Ups

Focus on high output and switch working athletes often. If properly scaled, you should be able to stick to sets of 10 on the DB thrusters and sets of 2-3 muscle ups at a time. Don’t worry if your can’t use the 50/35lb DBs, as this piece is long enough that a lighter set of DBs won’t shortchange anyone at all. Start teams at different movements or flip flop the order of this workout to accommodate larger classes if dumbbells, rowers, or rings are limited.



Warm Up

2 Steady Rounds, 1:00 at each station: Max Duration Ring Support Hold, Row For Distance, Dead Bugs

You will probably be able to make 2 attempts on the rings each round, so don’t do 20 seconds and then stand around for the other 40. Add transition time as needed, and start at different stations if there are equipment limitations.

Mobility Recommendation: Single LAX Ball Pec Smash, or Twisted Cross Stretch, 2:00/side


Bench Press: 3 Sets for Max Reps at 60% of Bodyweight – Rest 3:00 between sets

We want lots of reps here so consider knocking back the percentage if you are unable to get at least 12 reps in your first set.


For Time: Accumulate 3 Minutes of a Hanging Knee from the Pull Up Bar – every time you break, sprint 12/7 Calories on the AB (12 minute cap)

Focus on a good hollow position with the torso in the hanging knee raise, meaning no arch in the low back and active, engaged shoulder and lats. Dial back the total time accumulated if hanging from the bar is new to you. This will be a fun test of midline stamina under fatigue!