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Modified holiday schedule: regular class times Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Turkey WOD at 9am on Thursday 11/28. Closed Friday 11/29.

Send an email to Coach Scott ( if you’d like to bring any friends or family to Thursday’s Turkey WOD – we’ll send you a waiver for them to complete prior to joining class.


MONDAY 11/25

Warm Up

Mobility/Activation Recommendation: Couch Stretch, 1:30 per side

General Warm Up, 5 Minute AMRAP: 6 Burpees, 8 Ring Rows, 200m Run

Specific Warm Up, 2x: 10 Banded Good Morning, 10 Alt Lunges

Strength (Deload Week 4)

Back Squat: 5 @ 50%, 5 @ 55%, 5 @ 60% (use your working weight to calculate percentages, last set is not for max reps)

“Deload Week” is a rest week with an active spin on it – we decrease the percentages but you still have the opportunity to practice your movements.


15-12-9: Chest to Bar Pull Ups, AAB Calories (9-7-5 for women)

We had a very similar workout last month, but this time we are testing your engine more than gymnastic capacity. You should be able to perform each set of pull ups in 2 sets or less, but should be very fast if going with the 2 set strategy. The bike should never exceed a minute in any of the three rounds. Scaling to keep the bike pace fast is crucial to provide the correct stimulus. Overall, this workout should be fast and should not exceed 7 minutes for anyone, but should be closer to the 3-5 minute range.



Warm Up

General Warm Up: :60 Squat Hold, 20 Air Squats, :60 HS Hold, 20 Empty bar hang squat clean thrusters

Mobility/Activation Recommendation: Banded Pigeon Pose, :90/side

Specific Warm Up (Split Jerk), 2 Sets: Jerk from a lunge (5 reps), Pause Split Jerks (5 reps) – add a little weight for set 2


Clean and Jerk: 2-2-2-2-2

We are looking for a squat clean and split jerk with a focus today on the split. You should jerk both reps, drop and reset between, and rest as needed between sets (2-4 minutes depending on load). This should take ~20 minutes to work through the 5 sets of 2. For those who prefer to use percentages, doubles can be done between 80-90%+ of your 1RM.


AMRAP 5 Minutes: Max Reps Squat Clean and Jerk at 60% of the heaviest double you worked up to

A slight twist on an old Open workout. The 60% is to help you scale to an appropriate weight that is challenging but keeps you moving. Do not exceed 60% for this 5 minute AMRAP – accumulate more reps with a “lighter” barbell rather than going heavier than 60%. You may perform a push jerk, and do not need to stand up between the end of the squat clean and beginning of the jerk (you may initiate the jerk as you are standing up your clean).