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MONDAY 11/11

Warm Up

General Warm Up, 2 Steady Rounds: 15 Medball Squat Cleans, 10 Perfect Push ups, 10 Medball Bear Hug RDLs

Focus athletes on perfect push up technique, as even 10 reps can floor you if you’re strict about form. Elevate your hands or perform banded push ups if needed to maintain a sound midline position.

Strength (Week 2)

Back Squat: 3 @ 70%, 3 @ 80%, 3+ @ 90% (use your working weight to calculate percentages)

Last set is for max reps. And don’t forget to record your working weight and reps!


Mobility Recommendation: Single LAX Ball Pec Smash, :60/side

Specific Warm Up (Muscle Ups): 2 10-second Ring Support Holds, 5 Ring Dip Negatives w/ :01 pause in bottom, 4×3 low ring muscle up transitions

The difficulty of each movement increases as you go and also serves as prerequisite for the next step (e.g., if you cannot support yourself on top of the rings you should not be performing negative or transitions unless they are assisted). Low ring transitions are simply jumping muscle ups – just ensure you are catching in the bottom of the dip and not the top.

With a partners, alternating full rounds, 20 Rounds (10 each): 3 Muscle Ups, 3 Power Cleans (155/105), 15 Wall Balls (20/14)

The small muscle up set at the beginning should allow a great opportunity to practice them, so scale such that it’s 1 set no matter what version you’r completing. The cleans should be heavy but fast. The wallballs should be unbroken every time – even when you’re breathing hard you can do 15 wallballs without stopping! The overall time domain should be less than 30 minutes for all 20 rounds.



Warm Up

General Warm Up, 2 Rounds: 16 Duck Walk Steps, 10 Empty Bar Pause OH Squats, Run 200m

Mobility/Activation Recommendation: Banded Internal/External shoulder rotations, 20 per arm

Attach a band to a post and face perpendicular to the rig. Step away, putting tension in the band. Rotate the shoulder internally (down), then externally (up), pausing in both end ranges briefly. That’s 1 rep.

Specific Warm Up (Tall Snatch Warm Up), 3 Reps each: Ribcage, Belly button, Hip Crease (arms fully extended)

The tall snatch warm up is performed as follows. With an empty bar, stand at full extension, set your feet in your jumping position, and lift the barbell to your ribcage with the bar close and your elbows high and outside. With no momentum from the hips or knees, pull under the bar. Repeat at each specified position. Use a lighter barbell or even a PVC pipe to get it right. There should be no soft elbows in any of these reps.


Every :90 For 15 Minutes (10 sets): 2 Squat Snatches

Drop and reset between repetitions of the snatch. You should build in weight over these 10 sets, so warm up well and then get on the clock. Focus on moving quickly under the bar, not over-pulling. You should not fail reps until your last set or two, if at all.


AMRAP 6 Minutes: 5 Power Snatch (95/65), 10 Overhead Squats (95/65), 20 Double Unders

Quick burner of a metcon to finish today’s training. Your shoulders get a very brief break with the double unders, but because it’s such a short workout we want you fighting for big sets of snatches and overhead squats together. You should be able to do a round of 5 snatches + 10 OH squats unbroken with your chosen weight. Scale double unders to singles for today if needed.