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2 Steady Rounds: 8-12 Strict Pull Ups, Run 200m, 15 Hollow Rocks

Pretty straightforward warm up just to get moving before talking about rope climbs. Again we’d like to see these strict pull ups be done in 1-2 sets, so if you need more than that, grab a band. A band isn’t scaling, it’s just like percentage work in a lift.

Mobility Recommendation: 2:00 Lat Smash/side


20 Rounds*: 2 Rope Climbs, 10 Calorie Row

*Teams of 4. Each athlete completes a full round before the next athlete goes, so each athlete will perform 5 rounds each. We want each person doing their version of 2 fast rope climbs and then hopping on the rower for a 10 calorie sprint. This is a great opportunity to reinforce how to secure a proper foot lock on the rope.


3 x 12 Weighted Hip Extensions

Start with slow and controlled repetition first. If the ability to stay in control is there, then add weight. These may be done before or after the conditioning.



Team Workout