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Skill Work Warm Up


Progressions: Lunges, jumping lunges, single leg squats to a box, pistols using a support (rig, band)

Advanced Options: weighted pistols, pause pistols

Unlike some of the skill warm ups we’ve done before, pistols require some mobility and warming up before jumping right into them. Lunges, jumping luges, and squats can serve as a good active warm up, but don’t forget to include hip, knees, and ankle flexion warm ups to make sure you’re able to safely perform the movements.

Mobility Recommendation: Coach’s choice – choose 2-3 for 1-3 minutes per side. Banded Ankle Distraction w/ Anterior bias, Saddle Pose, Banded Dragon Pose, Knee Floss, Hip Floss


For Time: 50 Wall Balls (20/14), Run 400m, 40 Wall Balls, Run 400m, 30 Wall Balls, Run 400m

Push for big sets of wall balls and use the first 100m or so to catch your breath before speeding up. The 400s should not degrade into a “recovery jog”, so consider that when scaling. You should be able to perform a set of 30 wall balls with whatever weight you choose so that the intensity stays high during this workout. Time domain is 10 – 16 minutes.



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