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FRIDAY 10/11


General Warm-up: Run 400m, Bear Crawl 100’, Crab Walk 100’, 20 Lunge and Twists

Primer, Sprint Through: 20/15 Calorie Row or Bike, 25 DB Snatch (50/35), 20 Lateral DB Burpees

The general warm up is simply for blood flow and core temperature. After the general warm up, warm up movements specific to the Open WOD. Then perform the primer, which is meant to spike your heart rate before the workout, and allow 5 minutes or so to bring your heart rate back down before starting the actual workout.

Mobility Recommendation: Calf/Achilles Smash, :90/side

Open Workout 20.1

We’re participating in the CrossFit Open every Friday for the next five weeks. Regular classes will perform the workout, and 5/6pm will be held as “open gym” with heats of the workout running continuously. Your lovely coaches have also picked themes for each week. This week’s theme is “Neon,” so find your brightest clothing and join us as we start the Open!


  • Week 1: Neon
  • Week 2: Hawaiian
  • Week 3: Halloween Costumes
  • Week 4: Super Hero
  • Week 5: Lumberjack/PNW



Team Workout