Have you picked up your new SCF shirt yet?

Have you picked up your new SCF shirt yet?

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We at StoneWay CrossFit are trying out a new format that we think will be helpful for all our athletes.  We are going to post 2 days at a time with body “Main WOD” and “Body Burner WOD” programming.  This will give all of you an chance to pick what workout you are desiring.  As Coach Scott always says,“Pick one goal and stick with it but don’t completely shy away from other weaknesses you have!”  

If you want to get strong then stick with our Main WOD classes.  If you need to work on your “engine” (your conditioning) then make a point to drop in to our “Body Burner” classes at least once or twice a week.

Thursday –  Main WOD


Take 20 minutes to build to a heavy clean


3 rounds


20 KB Swings

30 Box Jumps


Body Burner WOD

“Running Jackie”

2 rounds of-

800m run

50 Thrusters, 45/25

30 Pull-ups

rest 2 minutes

Friday – Main WOD


Back Squat (20 minutes)

5 x 65%

3 x 75%

1 x 85%

5 x 75%

3 x 85%

1 x 90-95%


5 rounds

5 Deadlifts, use 70-75% of 1RM

10 Burpees


Body Burner WOD

for time:

100 Double Unders

80 Walking Lunges

60 Hand Release Push-ups

40 Knees to Elbows


10 Pistol Squats (each leg)

100 Double Unders