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February Challenge: 50 Unbroken Russian KB Swings everyday (AHAP)




2 Steady Rounds: 20 Med Ball Squat Cleans, 20 Banded Good Mornings, :30 Banded Front Rack Stretch per Side

Focus on achieving full hip, knee, and ankle extension in the med-ball cleans and on sending your hips back first on the banded good mornings (you shouldn’t need to bend too far to get a good hamstring stretch)

Mobility Recommendation: 2 Minute Duck Walk w/Barbell in the Front Rack Position, Walking Forward and Backward


Squat Clean: 4-4-4-4-4 (5×4)

Drop and reset between each rep, quality movement is the focus.


4 RFT: 30 Lunge Steps Hugging Med Ball (20/14), 8 Squat Cleans (135/95)

Try to do lunge steps unbroken each round. Squat cleans can be singles if needed, but they need to be a quick drop and reset – aim for touch and go.



3 Steady Rounds: 10 Kip Swings, 5 Kipping or C2B Pull Ups, 10/7 Cal Row, 10 Heavy Russian KB Swings

Focus on developing a quality, tight gymnastics kip with the kip swing.

Mobility Recommendation: floss Shoulders 1:30 per side


AMRAP 20 Minutes: 6 C2B Pull Ups, 9 Push Ups, 12 KB Swings (53/35)

The goal of this workout is to have that “Cindy” feeling. We want you to be able to motor through a lot of rounds without getting stuck on one movement in particular. Scaling the C2B to regular pull ups and the push ups to the knees or with elevated hands as needed.

Skill Work

Pull ups! Refine your kip and/or work on butterfly technique. Can be done before or after conditioning.