On Saturday we said good by to Maria Ross. We will miss you Maria and we wish you the best of luck in San Francisco!!!

WOD Schedule

6am, 7am, 9:30am, 12pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm

CrossFit Essential 




Back Squat (Week 1)

5 x 65%

5 x 75%

5+ x 85%



Squat Clean, 95/65

200m run



We are starting a new strength cycle this week and we are using the Wendler 531.  If you have been with us and already finished the past cycle you are going to add weight to your “working weight” (1 RM x 90%).  The added weight looks like this: Back Squat-#10, Press- #5, Deadlift- #10.

This cycle like the past we will hold our strength days on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.  Monday we will Back Squat, Wednesday we will Strict Press and Friday’s we will Deadlift.  The reason we are holding specific strength days is so everyone will know in advance what days to plan on attending.  Including a strength day or days is so important because that is the foundation of our program.  If we are wanting to lose weight, increase strength, increase performance, etc. then we need to make sure we are getting strong.  The only way that we will increase strength is by picking up heavy thing.