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Warm Up

With a Partner, Move Steadily Through: 200m Sandbag Bear Hug, Carry 150/100lbs (50m at a time)*, 40 Pause Goblet Squats w/DB while other partner holds a Plank

One athlete walks 50m while the other rests, switching every 50m. If you do not have sandbags, hug a plate or carry two KBs in the front rack, just don’t go too light. The goblet squat is 40 total and should be performed 20 at a time so you are holding a plank for a longer time.

Mobility Recommendation: 2:00 Banded Overhead Contract/Relax

With a light resistance or floss band attached to a pull up bar, face away from the rig with your arm straight overhead and the band across the palm of your hand. Gently push the arm forward and then relax, allowing the band to pull the arm further back overhead.


Front Squat: 2-2-2-2-2

Front squat prescription today is heavy doubles. Goal should be to work up heavier each set with the last set being the heaviest rather than all 5 heavy


AMRAP 8 Minutes: 60/50 Calorie Row, (20 Devils Press 50/35), 10 Ring Muscle Ups

This is one of those AMRAPs where getting into the next round is the reward for overall fitness. Scale the devil’s presses to keep moving so you have the opportunity to try for muscle ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups, or pull-ups. A waterfall start is a good idea to mitigate issues on rowers and rings.

Pistol Practice!



Warm Up

2 Steady Rounds: 15 Banded Good Mornings, :40 Hanging L-Sit Hold, 200m Run

Make sure you are pushing your hips back to load up your hamstrings and glutes in the banded good mornings. The L-sit should be a scale that allows you to perform all :40 in 1-2 sets at most in both rounds.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Pigeon Pose, 1:30/side


5 RFT: 600m Run, 15 Toes to Bar, 9 Deadlifts (225/155)

This 5 round workout is intended to take between 20 and 30 minutes and has a decent volume of toes to bar and deadlifts. Scale the running distance so you aren’t running more than 3 minutes per round. Toes to bar should not exceed 3 sets of 5 and the deadlifts should never be more than 2 sets per round.


Bent Over 1-Arm DB Rows: 3 x 12 (per arm)

Scapular strength and control is really important for a healthy shoulder girdle, and this accessory piece is great for that sort of development. We want the movement coming from the arm, not the entire body. No jerky reps.

Pistol Practice!