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Warm Up

On a 7:00 Clock: Run 400m, 30 Walking Lunge Steps, Max Duration Freestanding HS Hold w/ Remaining Time

A helpful cue for freestanding HS holds is “use your fingers.” Gripping the floor with you hands and fingers will help you balance. If you start to tip forward, clench your fingers more tightly. When tipping backwards, relax the hands/fingers a little.

Mobility Recommendation: Floss Shoulders, 2:00/side


In 12 minutes work up to a 2RM Strict Press

Tips for the strict press include full body tension, pressing fast, and not performing a “standing bench press.”


10 RFT: 10 Push Press (Using 60% of your 2RM), 12 Back Rack Lunges

The push press weight should be very manageable, so in the case of being in between weights, scale down. Push presses should be performed in 1 set every round, same for the lunges, which are performed using the same barbell. 20 minute cap.



Warm Up

3 Steady Rounds: 10 S-Arm KB Swings (53/35), 15 Hollow Rocks, 10 Kip Swings (add knee raise/TTB in rounds 2-3), 15 Jumping Lunges

Mobility Recommendation: Calf/Achilles smash, 1:30/side


5 RFT: 400m Run, 12 Right Arm KB Snatch (53/35), 12 Left Arm KB Snatch (53/35), 12 Toes to Bar

Each round should not exceed 6 minutes. Rather than scaling the KB snatch to DB snatch, learn how to swing a KB with 1 arm. The toes to bar volume is aggressive, so consider knocking the number down to 6-10 reps per round to ensure an adequate dosage of midline work without causing unnecessary DOMs. This is also a great day to learn how to KB snatch in a way that you don’t leave the gym with bruises on the back of your forearms.