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Skill Work Warm Up

Spend 10-15 Minute on the Jump Rope

Options: Triple unders, heavy double unders, regular double unders, double under progressions/practice

Mobility Recommendation: Dragon Pose, 2:00/side


AMRAP 18 Minutes: 60 Double Unders, 4 Strict Pull Ups, 20 Lunge Steps, 4 Strict Pull Ups

The strict pull ups should be pretty close to unbroken each round. Lunges may be walking or in place if you have limited space available. We are looking for a scale that allows everyone to get 4+ rounds.




Move Steadily Through: 1:00 Squat Hold (Unsupported), 15 Empty Bar Snatch Grip Press, 15 Pause OHS w/ Empty Bar, 15 Empty Bar Snatch Grip RDLs, 1:00 Squat Hold (Unsupported)

Following the general warm up, do some positional work with the empty bar to set up for success with your 1RM day.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Overhead Stretch w/ External Rotation bias, 1:30 per side


Snatch: In 20 minutes build to today’s 1RM


For Time: 9 Squat Snatch (165/110), Run 200m, 6 Squat Snatch, Run 200m, 3 Squat Snatch

For most, this weight will be near or over your best snatch, so as a guide we are looking 70-80% of your 1RM for the metcon. We encourage some touch and go reps, as this workout should be much more of a sprint than a pacing exercise. Goal is <8 minutes