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Warm Up

3 Steady Rounds: 8-10 Strict Pull Ups, 5 Inchworms, Run 200m

Sneaking some strict gymnastics volume into the warm up today – grab a band so you can do this in 2 sets or less.

Mobility Recommendation: 3 sets of 10 Scap Pull Ups +10 Kip Swings


4 RFT: 30 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35), 30 Pull Ups, Rest 3:00

The long rest period built into this workout is designed to convince you to hang onto bigger sets than you would otherwise. DB weight should be something you can do unbroken. The pull ups will vary largely depending on strength and skill, but each round should not exceed 2 minutes to complete the 30 repetitions, otherwise the number should be reduced.


3 x :90 of Jefferson Curls

Looking for this to be a mandatory cool down exercise performed slowly and without weight. Athletes who are hyper-flexible will need to be standing on top of a small box to increase the ROM of the stretch.

Extra (Before/After Class): Intervals

5 Rounds: Row 750m, Rest :30 – record distance or cals each interval; may sub for AB (3:00 min) or run (3:00 min)



Team Workout