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Warm Up

General Warm Up, 6 Rounds w/a Partner: :10 AAB, :20 rest – then – 6 Rounds Solo: :20 S-Arm DB Snatch, :10 rest

Mobility/Activation Recommendation: Banded Internal/External Rotations, 20 reps/arm

Skill Work

Double DB Snatch: 2×5 S-Arm DB Snatch (5/arm, not alternating), 3×5 Double DB Snatch (light, moderate, heavy – may be heavier than workout weight)

The focus of this skill session should be emphasizing that with a double DB snatch, the DBs should touch the ground behind the middle of the feet, making this movement feel more like a heavy KB swing from the ground than a single DB snatch. Start with easy touch and go snatches with one DB, then bump it up to double DBs. If you already know you can handle the prescribed workout weight, you can do a heavy set of 5 as a little mini strength challenge.


For Time, 12-9-6 x 3: Double Dumbbell Snatch (40/20), Calories on a Machine (women 9-6-4) – Rest 5:00 after each 12-9-6

Three rounds of this shorter couplet is guaranteed to knock you onto your glutes. You should be trying to really rip on the bike every time you hop on, especially on that first 12/9 calories each round. The double DB snatch should be no more than two sets in any round.


Tabata V-ups

Today’s tabata work is meant to be treated as a cool down. The goal is to have your arms and legs meet over the top of your navel. This can be scaled to a bent knee variation, or switched to ‘reverse tabata’ (:10 on, :20 rest).



Warm Up

General Warm Up: :50 Box Step Ups, :10 Transition, :50 Single Unders, :10 Transition, 1:50 Freestanding HS Hold Practice, :10 Transition, :50 Double Unders, :10 Transition, :50 Box Jump, step down

Mobility/Activation Recommendation: Calf/Achilles Smash, :90/side

HSPU Skill

5×1 HSPU Negative: kick down after each

HSPU Negative focus: midline remains tight as you descend placing your head slightly in front of your palms forming a tripod.

5×1 HSPU Negative + butt to the wall: knees out

Negative + butt to wall/knees out: once the head makes contact with the mat, the butt touches the wall, and then the knees drop outward to load for the kip.

1x 3-5 Kipping HSPU

5×1 Deficit HSPU Negative + butt to the wall: knees out

1x 3-5 Deficit HSPU


Every :90 for 9:00: 1 Set of Deficit Handstand Push Ups (4/2″)

We are looking for one set every :90, and the goal is being able to pick a number of reps and come fairly close to repeating it each time. This means you should not go to absolute failure on round 1. If you’re only able to do <5 reps with a deficit, consider scaling to normal kipping HSPU, a set number of negatives, wall climbs, or scaling to perfect push ups. You may also combine movements. For example, if you can only do 4 HSPU, do you set and then kick off the wall for a set of push ups. Then back on the wall next round, and so on. On the last round, you can go for broke.


For Time: 150 Air Squats, 200 Double Unders, 100 Lunges, 50 Box Jumps (24/20), 20 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

A primarily gymnastic based chipper for the day will be sure to have those legs burning. Each movement should not exceed 5 minutes. Time domain for this chipper is sub-20 minutes.