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Warm Up

Move Quickly Through: 1:00 HS Hold, Run 800m, 20 Snatch Grip RDLs

Mobility Recommendation: Low Back Smash 1:00/side, if time allows.


Snatch Grip Deadlift: 3-3-3-3-3

Looking for a break from the traditional deadlift with the snatch grip style of deadlift. The issue for most will be the scapular control needed not to “round” the upper back. Looking for heavy, but safe. Note: this is not a “snatch deadlift”, but a “very wide grip deadlift”.


For Time: 1000m Run, 400m Farmers Carry (30-50), 100′ Handstand Walk

Sub 8 Wall Walks if you cannot handstand walk. The time domain for this workout is sub 15 minutes. The overhead carry should be performed at full extension of the arms and a tight midline.




2 Steady Rounds: Row 250m, 10 Rower Facing Burpees – then – Pull Up Progression Warm Up

Quick warm up to get you breathing hard. After that, we’ll spend time refining your pull ups for the workout.

Mobility Recommendation: 1:00 Shoulder Swimmers

Lay face down on the ground with hands behind your back. Then bring your arms out to the side and then overhead, slowly going back and forth like an upside-down snow angel.


“Helen,” 3 RFT: 400m Run, 21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35), 12 Pull Ups

Classic CrossFit benchmark day means that it’s the focus of today’s work. For those who can handle the KB and pull ups easily, it’s all about pushing hard on that run.


AMRAP 8 Minutes, Teams of 3: 50′ Sandbag Carry 50-150lbs

You will trade off 50′ sandbag carries. Pick a heavy weight for each trio so that everyone is challenged when it’s their turn.