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Warm Up

With a Partner, Move Steadily Through: 20 Under-and-overs*, 60 Wallballs (switching every 10**), Run 400m with wallball

*Partner 1 is in a straight arm plank while partner 2 crawls underneath P1. P1 then shifts to an elbows down plank and P2 jumps over P1. That’s 1 rep. Each athlete performs 10 each.

**Pairs are not allowed to drop the ball – every time the ball drops, both athletes perform 3 burpees.

Mobility Recommendation: Calf/Achilles Smash or Floss, :90/side; 1:00 of Dead Bugs or Cat/Cow

Strength (Week 3)

Deadlift: 5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 1+ @ 95% (use your working weight to calculate percentages)

Last set is for max reps. And don’t forget to record your working weight and reps!


6 Rounds: Max Cal AB in :45, :15 Rest/transition, Max Reps Double Unders in 1 Minute, Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

Today’s workout is all about rep accumulation. You should be biking very hard to make your DUs challenging (and because you have 2:00 to rest after). For larger classes, a new athlete should start every minute, which is why the :15 transition period is programmed in the workout.



Warm Up

3 Rounds: 100′ Heavy Plate Bear Hug Carry, 10 Light RDLs, 10 Plank Plus*

A ‘Plank Plus’ is a plank where you lift the opposite arm/opposite leg straight out in front/behind for a brief second before returning to a plank. That’s one rep.

Mobility Recommendation: Partner assisted Front Rack Mobilization

P1 puts the bar in the back rack (yes, back rack) and drives their elbows forward and up. P2 helps P1 by gently pushing the elbows up higher. Ensure that P1 has their entire hand wrapped around the bar, not just resting in the fingertips.


EMOM for 15 Minutes: 1 Power Clean

Oftentimes a gradual increase in weight across many, many sets is the key to a new PR. Start at a moderate weight and use the 15 sets to build to a few heavy singles by the end. You should only be failing reps toward the end if you’re pushing for a PR, otherwise you should back the weight down and build back up.


AMRAP 4 Minutes: 30 Power Cleans (95/65), 30 Burpees

Can anyone get into round 2? How far? Godspeed.