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Modified holiday schedule: regular class times Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Turkey WOD at 9am on Thursday 11/28. Closed Friday 11/29.

Send an email to Coach Scott ( if you’d like to bring any friends or family to Thursday’s Turkey WOD – we’ll send you a waiver for them to complete prior to joining class.



Warm Up

General Warm Up, 3 Steady Rounds: 10 Lunges, 10 Push-ups, Run 100m

Mobility/Activation Recommendation: midline work (coach’s choice)

Strength (Deload Week 4)

Deadlift: 5 @ 50%, 5 @ 55%, 5 @ 60% (use your working weight to calculate percentages, last set is not for max reps)

“Deload Week” is a rest week with an active spin on it – we decrease the percentages but you still have the opportunity to practice your movements.


Specific Warm Up, 3-4 sets of the following: 1 Power position power snatch + 1 hang power snatch + 1 power snatch – start with an empty bar

The specific warm up is both a skill session and mini-lifting session all in one, where we’re trying to refine the positions for a quality power snatch while also building up to workout weight or heavier so that the workout barbell feels light.

AMRAP 20 Minutes: 6 Power Snatch (95/65), 12 Box Jumps (24/20), 18 Wallballs (20/14)

A classic CrossFit triplet here, which means you can expect this to burn! The power snatches should be a weight that allows for touch and go sets or fairly fast singles throughout the workout. The box jumps should be height that you can rebound or be consistently jumping without long breaks between reps. Finally we want a medicine ball weight that keeps you to no more than 3 sets per round, but ideally 1-2 sets. We’d like everyone to get at least 8 rounds across the 20 minute AMRAP.



Join us for a pre-turkey WOD at 9am!


FRIDAY 11/29




Team Workout