WOD Schedule

6am, 7am, 9:30am, 12pm, 5pm, 6pm





You will have a 25 minutes to complete your strength along one more strength if you missed one this week


4 rounds of:

1 Hill run

30 Box Jumps


Message to our members:

We are starting a brand new strength cycle next week and the important lifts that you need to know for your 1 Rep Max are the Back Squat, Press (strict) and Deadlift.  It is so important that you get these numbers so you can use them for this cycle.  Today we will spend 25 minutes on strength this will give you time to do 2 lifts if you missed one other during the week and if don’t talk about your feelings too much.


CrossFit Games Video- At Ease: Jason Khalipa

Will the CrossFit Games see the first repeat champion this year in Jason Khalipa? At a recent local throwdown, Khalipa’s team was nearly finished with a police car tow when a teammate’s rope got caught under the tire of the car and she was slammed into the fender. The event was immediately stopped and the team given the choice of towing the car again or receiving a “Did Not Finish.”  Khalipa refused to DNF and, in a test of mental and physical strength, he and teammate Patrick “Manimal” Barber decided that they alone would tow the car again. Afterward, exhausted and on the ground, Khalipa quipped, “At least it was a good experience.” Khalipa, the ’08 Games champ and 2010 ‘Spirit of the Games’ winner could be on top of the podium again.

Where do you see CrossFit going in the next 15 years and where do you place yourself in it?

As CrossFit becomes more popular, and conventional gyms more willing to take a risk on it, I see CrossFit gyms starting go from the minority to more of the majority. Also, CrossFit gyms will start taking over conventional gyms, for instance our new facility took over an old Club One. What I’m hoping for is that people switch up their training methodologies from the conventional globo-gym stuff, to more of a CrossFit base. As for me, I have three gyms now, and I hope to open up more and offer the best possible training in the world……..READ MORE.