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Warm Up

General Warm Up, AMRAP 5 Minutes: 10 Box Jumps, :30 Freestanding HS Hold, 10 Kip Swings, :30 Plank Plus

As far as the freestanding HS hold goes, we want you generally upright (straight legs) with your eyes looking at your hands. Then as you develop some awareness, the use of your fingers becomes very important. If you begin to tip forward, clench your hands and fingers. If you start to tip backwards, relaxing the hands and fingers will help.

Mobility/Activation Recommendation: Banded Internal/External Rotations, 20/arm


Toes to Bar: 2×5 Kip Swings, 2×5 Kipping Knee Raises, 1×5 Toes to Bar (increasing height)

You must demonstrate the requisite shoulder and upper body strength to fully get your toes to bar. We’d rather see kipping knee raises than slow, strict/inconsistent toes to bar in this workout.


12 RFT: 8 Box Jumps (24/20), 6 Toes to Bar, 4 Handstand Push Ups, 2 Power Cleans (Heavy)

This workout is 100% about transitions, as each movement should be doable for unbroken sets. Do your best to set the gym floor up to minimize long transitions between movements. The clean is the only non-gymnastics movement and should be heavy and uncomfortable for the 2 reps each round. Scale toes to bar to kipping or strict knee raises, and scale HSPU to push ups. The overall time domain for this piece is less than 20 minutes.


Dumbbell Bench Press: 3 Max Sets at 50/35lb – rest :90 between sets

End the day with a good “pump sesh”. Each set of the DB bench press should be more than 12 reps or the weight should be scaled back.



Team Workout