Jump & Squat

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Warm Up

Move Steadily Through: 2:00 Squat Hold (Unsupported), 12 Empty Bar Pause OH Squats, 15 Box Jumps (Step down), 12 Empty Bar Pause OH Squats, 1:00 Machine (Increasing Intensity)

Can start the squat hold by holding onto a support, but should spend at least 30 second unsupported and in an active bottom position. Focus on keeping your chest up and extension in you upper back during your overhead squats.

Mobility Recommendation: Barbell Lat Smash, 1:30 per side


For Time: 12 Burpee Box Jump (24/20), 24 Toes to Bar, 12 Overhead Squats (135/95), 48/36 Calorie Row, 12 Overhead Squats (135/95), 24 Toes To Bar, 12 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

Toes to bar should not be more than 5 sets in any round, OHS no more than 2 sets and the rowing should not exceed 5 minutes for males or females. With rowing right in the middle, a 4-5 minute stagger may be necessary, or substitute a similar length run (800m) or bike (1600m). Overall time domain is 10-15 minutes.


Accumulate 5 Minutes Hanging from the Pull Up Bar

Proper gripping mechanics on the pull-up bar (thumb around the bar, pinky knuckle on top of the bar). This piece should not take more than 12 minutes to complete.


Warm Up

4-way Banded Glute Activation Steps: 20 per direction with 6 air squats after each set of 20

Then, 2 Steady Rounds: 10 Pause Goblet Squats w/ band around knees, 12 Perfect Push Ups

Strong midline and scapular control in the push up. No wormy push ups from the floor – either go to the knees, use a band, or elevate the hands.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Pigeon or Dragon (athlete’s choice), 1:30/side


Back Squat: 2-2-2-2-2-2

The focus of today’s training is this heavy back squat work. Increase weight each set with the last 3 sets being your heaviest, resting a solid 3+ minutes between sets. As always, prioritize ROM over weight. No shallow squats!


AMRAP 7 Minutes: 1,000/850m Row, Max Ring Dips in the remaining

The goal of this piece is to accumulate some dips under fatigue as a cash out after the challenging day of squats. The rowing buy in should not exceed 4 minutes, allowing at least 3 minutes of dipping under duress. For this specific piece, push ups will be the most suitable scale for ring dips, as the quick buy-out nature of this workout isn’t as focused on rings themselves.

Labor Day

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Labor Day! Join us for Open Gym from 9-11am.



Warm Up

2 Steady Rounds: 15 Russian KB Swing (53/35), 15 Dead Bugs, 16 Jumping Lunges, :20 HS Hold

Mobility Recommendation: Couch Stretch, 1:00/side


AMRAP 12 Minutes, Teams of 3: Max Reps of a 100′ Carry with a Sandbag (50-150lbs)

Complete you 100′ shuttle and then pass the bag off to a partner. If sandbags aren’t available, hugging two 25-55lb plates makes a great substitute. We want everyone carrying a heavy object – no “sandbagging” this one!


For Time: 800m Run – then – 2 Rounds: 88 DU, 22 DB Front Rack Lunge Steps (50/35)

The 800m run serves as buy-in and pre-fatigue for the double unders and lunges. Do not get stuck on the jump rope for more than 2 minutes per round on the DUs. The lunges can be stationary or walking, which ever works best logistically for your space. The overall time domain is 10 – 16 minutes.

Sandbag Hold & Running

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3 Steady Rounds: Run 200m, 6 Strict Pull Ups, 6 Burpees

Strict Pull Ups should be done unbroken or 2 sets at most. You should be moving fast by your last run. Today is a good chance to go through a butterfly pull up progression for those with the requisite strength.

Mobility Recommendation: 1:00 Dead Hang from pull up bar


For Time: Run 1 Mile – then – 3 Rounds of 6 Power Snatches (155/105), 12 CTB Pull Ups – then – Run 800m

Two different gears being tested here. We are looking to find out what your “consistent” mile pace is along with how fast you can push the pace on the 3 rounder “sandwiched” in the middle. The power snatches can be singles, but shouldn’t ever be failed. Chest to bar pull ups can be done in 2 sets if needed.


1 Attempt at a Max Duration Hold w/ a Sandbag (bear hug)

This fun midline challenge can be used as a finisher to end the day or even as part of a warm up ahead of the workout. If a sandbag is unavailable, consider holding plates against the chest as a replacement.



Team Workout

Back Rack

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Warm Up

With a Partner, Move Steadily Through: 200m Sandbag Carry 150/100lbs (50m at a time)*

*While P1 carries the sandbag, P2 is in a HS Hold. Then, 15 Synchro Burpees. The synchro standard is chest on the ground at the same time.

Mobility Recommendation: 2:00 Banded Overhead Contract/Relax

With a light resistance or floss band attached to a pull up bar, face away from the rig with their arm straight overhead and the band across the palm of your hand. Gently push the arm forward and then relax, allowing the band to pull the arm further back overhead.


Push Jerk:1-1-1-1-1-1-1

The goal for the day is to work up to a heavy single and potentially a PR Push Jerk. Emphasize a big hip drive and then aggressively pushing under the bar into a strong lockout. No soft lockouts.


AMRAP 9 Minutes: 2 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105), 2 Burpees to 6″ Target, 4,4..6,6..,8,8…

This is a nasty combination of push-push with a level of jumping/explosiveness that will knock some of you on your backside. You should be able to complete through round of 8 unbroken, otherwise the weight should be reduced to maintain intensity. That being said, the weight is intentionally a little on the heavier side, so toe the line between too heavy and appropriate.



Warm Up

3 Steady Rounds: 12 In Place Lunge Steps, 10 Kip Swings/Hanging Knee Raise/Toes to Bar,* 8 Empty Bar Pause OH Squats

On Round 1 perform kip swings, on round 2 perform hanging knee raises, and on round 3 perform toes to bar. Ensure you are performing your lunges under control and are not smashing you back knee off the ground.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Hip Extension Stretch, 1:00/side


Back Rack Walking Lunges: 10-10-10-10 (5 per leg)

To truly develop strong legs you need a balance between bi-lateral (both legs working at the same time) and uni-lateral (one leg working at a time) strength work. Go heavy, but do not bash your knees on the floor. These are performed out of a rack with a barbell in the back rack.


2 RFT: 25 Toes to Bar, 30 Empty Bar Overhead Squats, 30 Calories on a Machine (25/20 on AB)

This piece is designed to challenge your skills, mobility, and conditioning. The time domain is 8 – 15 minutes. Toes to bar should not be performed in sets smaller than 5 reps at a time. Overhead squats should be no more than 3 sets of 10 each round.


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Warm Up

4-way Banded Glute Activation Steps, 20 per direction

Then 2 Steady Rounds: 15 Medball Cleans, 10 Strict Pull Ups

Get into the warm up as quickly as you can today, as the back squat will take some time to build up in weight and complete with the necessary rest between sets. If you can’t perform the pull ups in 2 sets without assistance, grab a band.

Mobility Recommendation: Perform your first 2-3 warm up sets of squats with a glute activation band around you knees as you begin to work up in weight for your squats (the empty bar/light, non-working sets).


Back Squat: 3-3-3-3-3

Heavy triples to start Monday off right. We are looking for all 5 sets to be challenging. For those who like a percentage to start at, 75-80% is a good starting point. As the weight increases you will need to remember the importance of bracing.


35-25-15: Pull Ups, Wall Balls (20/14)

This is meant to be a shorter to moderate length piece. We do not want this workout to take more than 12 minutes. The pull ups should be done in no more than 4 sets at any point, but that’s being generous. Wallballs should be absolutely no more than 3 sets, ideally unbroken or 2 sets.



Warm Up

Move Steadily Through: 150’ Right-Arm OH Waiter Walk w/ DB/KB (light-moderate weight), 20 Russian DB/KB Swings, 150’ Left-Arm OH Waiter Walk w/ DB/KB (light-moderate weight), 20 S-Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerks

The waiter walks should not be done very fast – we want you under tension stabilizing the DB overhead to warm up your shoulders.

Mobility Recommendation: Low Back or Glute Smash, 1:00 per side

With an empty bar in the front rack and hand wrapped around the bar, alternate driving their elbows up around the bar to loosen up the front rack position.


Diane, 21-15-9: Deadlift (225/155), Handstand Push Up

“Diane” is meant to be a fast pace, shorter workout. We recommend scaling the HSPU to push ups because they are easier to quantify and measure. Deadlifts should not be more than 2 sets in any round. 10 minutes time cap.


Accumulate 5 Minutes in a Wall Sit

Legs at 90-degrees, feet directly under the knees, and hands off the legs. Time cap is 10 minutes on this accessory piece.

Squat Clean Thrusters

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2 Rounds, :45 at each station :15 transition: GHD Hip Extensions (slow and controlled), Wallballs, Burpee Broad Jump

A superman/banana station works well as a substitute for the GHD.

Mobility Recommendation: 2:00 Lat Smash/side


In a 15 minute window, find a 5RM Thruster from the floor.

Heavy thrusters are an opportunity to learn the value in hip drive in relation to being able to finish the press with the arms. Focusing on aggressive hip extension in the last 25% of the squat is the key to being able to lock out the thruster. You may perform a squat clean thruster on the first rep, but do not need to go back to the floor for subsequent reps.


AMRAP 5 Minutes: Max Reps Squat Clean Thrusters at 70% of your 5RM

This is a spin on the 2011 Open Workout. You should have a weight you  can move consistently the entire 5 minutes. Unlike the lift, each rep must begin on the floor (and may be touch and go). Enjoy!



Team Workout



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