Split Jerk Work

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HARD 25/20 Cal Row

– then –

2 Steady Rounds: 10 Light-Moderate Hang Power Cleans, 15 Wallballs

Mobility Recommendation: Partner Assisted Front Rack Mobilization, 2:00


Hang Power Clean “Waves”: 7-5-3-7-5-3-7-5-3

Looking for each set to get heavier as you progresses across the 9 sets.


AMRAP 9 Minutes: 10 Wallballs (20/14), 2 Power Cleans (205/135)

The rep-scheme on this 9 minute AMRAP should allow you to perform the wallballs unbroken and then perform two fairly quick singles on the power cleans. The weight should be heavy, but doable. The goal is to average over 1 round per minute, or 9+ rounds overall.



3 Steady Rounds With An Empty Barbell: 2 Strict Press, 4 Push Press, 6 Split Jerk, 8 Vertical Leaps

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Hip Extension Stretch, 2:00 per side


Pause Split Jerks: 2-2-2-2-2-2 (6×2)

We are looking for you to pause for a full 1-3 seconds in the split (receiving position) before returning your feet underneath your body. The goal of this piece is to teach balance and stability in their jerk “catch”. This lift is the focus for the day, so spend time working on footwork, a vertical dip, and a quality receiving position.


3 RFT: 50 DUs, 25 Push Presses (45/35)

The focus of today is the split jerk, but we’re going to have you cash out with a quick lung and shoulder burner. Time domain for this workout is sub-6 minutes.

Open 19.3

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2 Steady Rounds: 25’ Duck Walk w/ Empty Bar in Front Rack, 10 Pause Front Squats, 3 Wall Walks

The duck walk will be challenging and a little awkward, but it’s an awesome way to warm up the front rack and loosen up the hips. Wall walks are great because they warm up both horizontal and vertical pushing movement patterns.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Overhead Distraction. Bonus: add contract/relax


CrossFit Open Workout 19.3

– OR –

4 RFT: 8 Ring Dips, 12 Front Squats (135/95), 8 HSPUs



Teams of ???

Cleans & DBs

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3 Rounds: :10 AB Sprint for Max Wattage, 8 Empty Bar High Hang/Low Hang/Cleans, :30 Dragon Pose (Right), :30 Dragon Pose (Left)

The 10 second sprints are meant to prime you for both the cleans and the bike later on. Perform 8 high hang cleans on round 1, 8 low hang cleans on round 2, and then 8 full cleans on round 3. All are squat.

Mobility Recommendation: 2:00 T-Spine Smash with double LAX Ball


Every 2 Minutes for 30 Minutes: 1 High Hang Clean + 1 Low Hang Clean + 1 Clean from the floor

Re-gripping should occur in the hang positions or front rack, not on the floor. This is a lot of reps, so start pretty light, building up across the 15 sets ending at a near maximal weight.


For Time: Bike 40/30 Calories

There is zero pacing on this piece – if you can see straight after then you didn’t do it right.




Weakness Warm Up: 5:00 Row, Run, Bike, or Bar Facing Burpees – athlete’s choice based on perceived weaknesses

– then – 

10 or More Minutes of DB Skill Work: Step Overs, Devil’s Presses, and other DB Movements

Get creative with how you want to run through DB skill work. Don’t forget movements like the DB hang clean and jerk, snatch, squat snatch, squat clean, overhead squat, thruster, etc. with single and double DB variations. Consider something like a ladder, stations, partner work, etc.. Make it fun!

Mobility Recommendation: Calf and Achilles Floss and/or Smash


AMRAP 20 Minutes: 10 DB Step Overs, 10 Box Jumps (24/20), 10 Devils Presses, 10 Box Jump (24/20)

There is no prescribed weight for the dumbbells in this particular piece. Pick a weight you can maintain steady movement for the entire 20 minutes at high intensity.


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This month’s theme encompasses a strength building technique known as “Waves”. There are 3 “Waves”, with each Wave consisted of 3 sets of 3, 2, and 1 reps. Each Wave is meant to be slightly heavier than the last, meaning that each set of 3 is heavier than the previous set of 3 (same with the 2s and 1s). The goal is that the first two waves serve as both a primer of sorts and an opportunity to accumulate some volume and heavy reps all at once. The Wave also serves as somewhat of a “warm up” in the sense that sometimes you need more quality reps to get ready for a heavy attempt. The final Wave should be the heaviest, hitting a near maximal but quality single for you last lift. 




3 Steady Rounds: 8 Partner Medball Passes, 10 Squat Jumps, 12 Cal Row/Bike

Partner Medball Pass: Descend into a wall sit next to your partner with one holding the ball. The athlete holding the ball touches the ball to the wall on their side, then hands the ball over to their partner who touches the ball to the wall on their side. That is one rep. The squat jumps and calories are both individual efforts.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded overhead distraction or banded from rack stretch

Skill Work: athlete/coach’s choice


20 Round with a Partner: 15 Wall Balls (20/14), 9 Box Jump Overs (24/20), 6 Power Cleans (135/95) – alternate rounds 30 minute time cap

We are looking for you to stick to unbroken sets for each of the movements as long as possible. Work on transitioning fast from the ball to the box and from the box to the bar.



Steady Through: 30 Banded Good Mornings, 30 Empty Bar Thrusters, 30/24 HARD Cal Row

Slow and deliberate on the banded good mornings to really turn on your  posterior chains. Try to do all 30 thrusters unbroken because we’d like big sets to be on your mind for the workout. Finally, row hard to elevate your heart rate.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Pigeon Pose 1:30 per side


Deadlift “Waves”: 6-4-2-6-4-2-6-4-2

We are looking for heavy, controlled sets, but no loss of midline. The purpose of the wave is to approach a heavy set, then back off and build back up toward it. The 6s and 4s don’t need to be extremely heavy, but focus on building to increasingly heavy doubles each wave.


For Time: Row 1000m, 36 Thrusters (95/65)

The thrusters should not exceed 4 sets. The time domain for this workout is 9-10 minutes with a 12 minute cap.

Understanding Crossfit, Acronyms to Know When Starting Crossfit

Stoneway Crossfit

There are many terms in the CrossFit culture that make it super difficult for new athletes to understand, let alone for someone researching CrossFit to understand.  Which in my experience leaves many getting frustrated and sometimes doubting if they have what it takes to do CrossFit or questioning themselves if they want to take the time to learn something new.

This has been one of the most ASKED about topics in my gym and after 10+ years being in this specific fitness niche, it’s time to break it down.

Here is a LONG list of all the acronyms or just weird terms us CrossFit gyms use that you get somewhat lost with.  I have also added a sentence to each term so you too can use this jargon and fit right in.

(These are not in any particular order of importance)

Coach – This is your leader and the one who will help you out in class.  This guy or gal has worked hard to get to this status and was new just like you also.

WOD – Workout of the Day
“Did you see what the WOD is today?”

AMRAP – As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible

“Today 20-minute AMRAP is super spicy!  It started to get hard at minute 5!”

EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute

“Can you believe that was a 30-minute EMOM this morning?!”

Box – The gym you do CrossFit at
“See you at the box tomorrow!”

PR – Personal record
“I just set a new Deadlift PR last week!”

Repetition (Rep) – how many times you do a movement for.  (1 squat = 1 rep)
“How many reps do we need to do again?”

Set – a group of repetitions
“I have 3 more set to go and then I’ll be done.”

Firebreather – an extremely fit athlete
“All the fire breathers come in during the 6 am class.”

SOH – Shoulder to Overhead
“We need to do 5 burpees then 5 shoulders to overhead before the run.”

“The Girls” – Several benchmark workouts with female names
“We did a Girls WOD every day this week!”

HSPU – Handstand Push-up
“How long has it taken you to learn to do Handstand Push-ups?”

Hero WOD – Benchmark workouts named after fallen soldiers, law enforcement, etc
“Every Memorial Day we do the Hero WOD “Murph”.”

Metcon – Abbreviation for “Metabolic Conditioning”.  Type of short, high-intensity workout.
“We didn’t do a Metcon today, we just did a Strength”

OHS – Overhead Squat
“OHS’s are so hard to feel comfortable doing!”

Paleo Diet – a diet that only consists o lean meats, veggies, some fruits, nuts and seeds, little starch and no sugar
“I’ve thought about starting the Paleo diet.”

Rx – as prescribed.  A workout completed as on the whiteboard
“It took me 2 years before I could Rx a workout.”

“The Whiteboard” – The place where the workout is displayed in the box
“What’s the WOD on the whiteboard today?”

T2B – Toes to Bar
“We have a 500m row and then 25 T2B before we get a 2-minute break.”

Snatch – an Olympic movement exercise where barbell starts on the floor and ends overhead in a squat
“I’m doing personal training with Coach Scott so we can work on the Snatch.”

Clean – an Olympic movement exercise where the barbell starts on the floor and end on your shoulder in a front squat
“I’ve been working really hard on my Clean with my coach.  There are a few things that I just don’t understand.”

These are not ALL the weird jargons you will hear around the gym but these will get you started and have you fit in.  

Being new can be sometimes intimidating and you never want to be “That Guy or Gal” but believe me, WE have all been there before.  All of us were new at some point so I would highly encourage you to ask your Coach as many questions as possible because he or she would love to help you out.  

Next time you come into the gym try to ask your coach a question you have been dying to know that answer to.  


Open 19.2

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Warm-up hips for squatting

– then –

Primer: 20/15 Calorie Row, 10 Tall Box Jumps (30/24), 15 Pull Ups

The tall box jumps are priming for the heavy back squats. For the pull ups, do 5 kip swings, 5 kipping pull ups, and 5 butterfly or kipping, depending on ability.

Mobility Recommendation: 2:00 Trap smash with single LAX ball per side


Back Squat: 5-5-5-5-5 (5×5)

Work up to a weight and hit all 25 reps at the same weight. If you’re planning to do the Open workout, consider skipping this or doing it afterward (or leave it for another day).


CrossFit Open Workout 19.2

– OR –

For Time: 40 Burpees, 30 Pull Ups, 20 Handstand Push Ups, 10 Burpee C2B Pull Ups

After some heavy squats were are looking for another sprint-chipper. Time domain for this workout should be less than 10 minutes.



Teams of 2

1 Hill Run (single)

– then –

42-30-18: DB Fran – DB Thrusters (50/35) and Pull-ups

– then –

1 Hill Run (single)

– then –

42-30-18: KB Diane – KB Deadlifts (70/53) and HSPU

– then –

1 Hill Run

– then –

42-30-18: Wall Balls (20/14), Burpees

– then –

1 Hill Run



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