WBs & Snatches

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Skill Work Warm-up

Bar Muscle Ups

Progressions and Scaling Options: Kip Swings (increasing height), Chest to Bar, Belly Button to Bar, Jumping Bar Muscle Ups

Advanced Options: Strict Bar MU, Regular Bar MU Volume Practice (E.g. an EMOM with a set number of reps)

Mobility Recommendation: Dragon Pose 2:00/side


5 RFT: 25 Wall Balls (20/14), 75′ Walking Lunge hugging the medicine ball, 15 DB Push Press (50/35)

This piece is designed to take 15-20 minutes total, so scale accordingly. The wall balls should never exceed 3 sets in any of the 5 rounds. Push presses should be 2 sets at most. If you can’t stay in control during the lunges, drop the medicine ball and focus on quality steps. These movements intentionally interfere with each other, so you are probably better off over-scaling than under-scaling them.

Extra (Before/After Class): Endurance

Row 24 Min – consistent pace, no kick at finish; record total distance or cals; may sub for AB or run



Warm Up

2 Rounds: 10 Power Position Squat Snatches, 10 Kip Swings + 5 Kipping Pull Ups

Mobility Recommendation: Shoulder Floss 2:00/side


Squat Snatch: 3-3-3-3-3 (5×3) – drop and reset between reps

We are looking for moderate weight on these triples. The goal of this to practice the skill of weightlifting at reasonable weights. This is not a 3RM day.


For Time: 15 Power Snatch (95/65), 30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, 15 Power Snatch (95/65)

Time domain for this quick piece should be sub 6 minutes. Power Snatches should be done in 2 sets or less at the start and at the end. Pull ups should not take more than 3 minutes. We want this to be a burner.

Extra (Before/After Class): Max Aerobic Power

12 Rounds: Row 1:45, Rest 1:00 Min – record distance or cals each interval; may sub for AB or run

Burpee Box Jump Overs & Team WOD

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Skill Work Warm-up

Handstand Walking

Progressions and Scaling Options: Handstand Holds, HS Holds w/ Weight Shift, Shoulder Taps, Partner Assisted Walking

Advanced Options: Max 25’ Lengths in :XX, Zig-Zag Obstacle Course, Pirouettes

Mobility Recommendation: 2:00 Plank Hold


3 RFT: 21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35), 12 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

We are looking for this piece to be all about that burpee pace. Spend time before starting the workout to refine efficient burpee box jump over technique. Time domain is intended to be sub 8 minutes.


3 x 15 Good Mornings with light weight

What we would like to see for these good mornings is a very slow, and very controlled descent and ascent. The goal is here is a 5-count to the bottom and then a 5-count on the way up. Most will need to use an empty barbell to perform this correctly.

Extra (Before/After Class): Intervals

6 Rounds: Row 2 Min, Rest 2 Min – record distance or cals each interval; may sub for AB or run



Team Workout

Just Keep Moving

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Warm Up

2 Steady Rounds: 10 KB Taters (53/35), 20 Plank Plus

KB Tater: swing the KB to eye level and release the handle, catching the KB in a goblet squat position and squatting it. That’s 1 rep. As you stand, flip the handle of the KB back into your hands and perform your next swing. A ‘Plank Plus’ is a plank where you lift the opposite arm/opposite leg straight out in front/behind for a brief second before returning to a plank. That’s one rep.

Mobility Recommendation: Couch stretch 1:30 per side


Deadlift: 15-15-15

We are looking for 3 VERY uncomfortable sets of 15. These reps should not sacrifice a solid midline for more weight, instead they should aim for more control. By the end of each set you should be questioning if your hamstrings will ever “feel good” again.


18-15-12-9: Dumbbell Thruster (50/35), T2B

The intended time domain for this piece is 7 – 12 minutes. Dumbbell thrusters should not exceed 2 sets in any round. Scale the DB weight to maintain intensity. Toes to bar should not exceed 3 sets in any round.

Extra (Before/After Class): Max Aerobic Power

15 Rounds: Row :40, Rest :20 – record distance or cals each interval; may sub for AB or run



Skill Work Warm-up

500m Row -then-

Handstand Push Ups

Progressions and Scaling Options: HS Holds, Negatives, HSPU to an Elevated Target, Regular HSPU, Strict HSPU, Deficit HSPU

Mobility Recommendation: 2:00 Achilles/calf smash per side with an empty barbell


AMRAP 25 Minutes: 90 DU, Run 200m, 30 Air Squats, Run 200m, 15 Handstand Push Ups, Run 200m

Thursday’s work is a long and sweaty one. Just keep moving. The jump rope portion should not exceed 2 minutes in any round. The handstand push ups should not exceed 3 sets in any round.

Extra (Before/After Class): Speed/Threshold

2 Rounds: Row 8 Min, Rest 4 Min – record distance or cals each interval; may sub for AB or run

Quick Burns

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9-7-5: Row or Bike For Calories HARD, Jump Squats w/ Empty Barbell, Perfect Push Ups

Great day to work on some perfect push ups in the warm up despite not being directly in the workout for the day. Get going on this right away so you can get to the back squat work.

Mobility Recommendation: 2:00 External/Internal Hip Rotation Contract/Relax

External: sit into a squat and wrap your arms around the outside of your knees. Attempt to squeeze the knees together while simultaneously driving the knees out for 5 seconds, then relax and sink further into the squat.

Internal: sit into a squat and place your elbows between the knees, driving the knees out whiles simultaneously trying to squeeze the knees together.

For both, contract for 3-5 seconds, relax for 5 seconds.


Back Squat: 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 (7×3)

Of these 7 sets, we are looking for five of them to be heavy sets of three. Use the first two sets as warm ups and to set the tone and to determine the appropriate weight. Consider setting a clock (e.g. 1 set every 3 minutes will get this done in about 18 minutes.


5 RFT: 10/6 Calorie AA, 10 Burpees

The desired stimulus for this is sub 7 minutes. Scale to ensure intensity stays aggressive. These are regular burpees so you can hop off your bike and drop to the floor immediately.

Extra (Before/After Class): Anaerobic

8 Rounds: Row :30 @ very high intensity, Rest 2:30 Min – record distance or cals each interval; may sub for AB



Warm Up

2 Rounds, 1:00 at Each Station: Bottoms Up Presses, Ring Rows, Dead Hang from Pull Up Bar

A bottoms up press is performed with a KB or plate. With the KB, the bottom should be pointed upward, and with a plate, you hold the plate so that it’s pointing vertically while you press.

Mobility Recommendation: T-Spine or Lat Smash, 2:00 total or :60/side


EOMOM for 12 Minutes: Strict Press x 5 Reps

Warm up to a heavy set of 5 prior to starting the clock for the EOMOM. Emphasize midline control so you don’t press into a broken position.


For Time: 400m Run, 50 Pull Ups, 400m Run

We’d like to see you be able to work through the pull ups 8+ reps at a time. Because everyone has varied proficiency with pull ups, scaling to keep the intensity really high is important. This should take no more than 9 minutes. Push an uncomfortable pace on the run!

Extra (Before/After Class): Endurance

Row 22 Min – record total distance or cals; may sub for AB or run

Jefferson Curls & Team WOD

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Warm Up

3 Steady Rounds: 8-10 Strict Pull Ups, 5 Inchworms, Run 200m

Sneaking some strict gymnastics volume into the warm up today – grab a band so you can do this in 2 sets or less.

Mobility Recommendation: 3 sets of 10 Scap Pull Ups +10 Kip Swings


4 RFT: 30 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35), 30 Pull Ups, Rest 3:00

The long rest period built into this workout is designed to convince you to hang onto bigger sets than you would otherwise. DB weight should be something you can do unbroken. The pull ups will vary largely depending on strength and skill, but each round should not exceed 2 minutes to complete the 30 repetitions, otherwise the number should be reduced.


3 x :90 of Jefferson Curls

Looking for this to be a mandatory cool down exercise performed slowly and without weight. Athletes who are hyper-flexible will need to be standing on top of a small box to increase the ROM of the stretch.

Extra (Before/After Class): Intervals

5 Rounds: Row 750m, Rest :30 – record distance or cals each interval; may sub for AB (3:00 min) or run (3:00 min)



Team Workout

Strength Test & July 4th

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Warm Up

Move Steadily Through: 10 Empty Bar Front Squats, 20 Front Rack Duck Walk Steps, 10 Power Position Squat Cleans, 20 Empty Bar RDLs, 10 Front Squats

Reinforce a good power position as you’re warming up, as it’s going to be really important for your squat clean today. The second priority is opening up your front rack position.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Front Rack Stretch 2:00/side

Strength Test

1RM Squat Clean + 4 Front Squats

This is the strength test for the month and will be re-tested. Get hyped about moving some weight today! Spend a long time working through technique on the squat clean prior to starting this piece. Drill the value of positioning and how it leads to better movement.

Conditioning Test

For Time: 30/18 Calorie AAB, 15 Front Squats (155/105)

We want this to be a short, painful push. Time domain is sub 4 minutes – ensure you scale to hit that intended time domain. The barbell reps and weight are meant to make you push to go unbroken, but you may end up having to do 2 sets to get it done. Good bye legs & lungs.

Extra (Before/After Class): Endurance

Row 20 Min – record total distance; may sub for AB or run



Join us for a 4th of July workout at 9 or 10:30!

Extra (Before/After Class): Max Aerobic Power

18 Rounds: Row :30, Rest :30 – record distance or cals each interval; may sub for AB or run



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