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FRIDAY 12/27

Warm Up

General Warm Up, AMRAP 5 Minutes: 20 Box Step Ups, 20 Push Ups, 16 Goblet Hold Box Step Ups, Max Duration Freestanding HS Hold with remaining time

Time to sneak some skill work into the warm up! For the freestanding HS hold, we want you generally upright (straight legs) with your eyes looking at your hands. Then as you develop some awareness, the use of your fingers becomes very important. If you begin to tip forward, clench your hands and fingers. If you start to tip backwards, relaxing the hands and fingers will help. Goblet step ups should be done with 1 of the 2 dumbbells you plan to use in the workout.

Mobility/Activation Recommendation: Single LAX Ball Pec Smash, :30 at a time performed between warm up sets of bench pressing


Every 3 Minutes for 12 Minutes: Bench Press, 8 Reps AHAP

Four heavy sets of eight bench presses are all meant to be working sets. Things to think about include keeping your feet and low back flat and elbows relatively tight to your sides. A wide grip bench press isn’t quite as safe or transferable to other movements in CrossFit, so we like a press-grip on the barbell. Allow yourself a few sets to get to your first weight.


AMRAP 9 Minutes: 9 Box Step Overs (50/35 to 24/20), 9 DB Shoulder to Overhead (50/35), 6 Box Step Overs, 6 Shoulder to Overhead, 3 Box Step Overs, 3 Shoulder to Overhead

This 9 minute workout is meant to keep you moving steady. The DB weight should be selected so that you can stay unbroken on the shoulder to overhead the entire workout. Spend time practicing box step over technique so you do not waste excessive time stepping over.



Team Workout