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Warm Up

General Warm Up: Row 400m, 20 Duck Walk Steps, 15 Jump Squats

Mobility/Activation Recommendation: 1:00 of Deadbugs or Cat/Cow

Strength (Week 1)

Deadlift: 5 @ 65%, 5 @ 75%, 5+ @ 85% (use your new working weight to calculate percentages)

Last set is for max reps. And don’t forget to record your working weight and reps!


For Time: 500m Row

Pony up boys and girls, it’s time to hit a classic fitness benchmark here. This workout is extremely short so spend time reaffirming rowing technique and 500m row pace strategy. We suggest a few short row sprints (100-200m) to prime yourself before going at this.

Extra (Optional finisher)

Tabata V-Ups: Fun little cash out to end the day! Substitute abmat sit ups if you don’t have V-ups.



Warm Up

Mobility/Activation Recommendation: Banded Overhead Stretch w/ External Rotation, :90/side; Banded Pigeon Pose, :90/side

General Warm Up, 2 Rounds: 12 Lunge and Reach, 12 S-Arm DB Thrusters (light), 8-10 Strict Pull Ups

Specific Warm Up Dumbbell Squat Clean Practice: 4×4 touch and go, 2 sets touching between the legs and 2 sets touching outside the legs

Get your hips loose with the general warm up and then practice two possible ways to perform DB squat cleans – touching between the feet and touching outside the feet. The banded pigeon pose will help enable a better hinge positions as you go to touch the ground as well as a better squat position in the bottom.


Dumbbell Squat Clean: 15-12-9-6

Cycling dumbbell squat cleans is a skill a lot of folks are unfamiliar with. Here is an opportunity to practice. Like any other strength piece, you may increase, decrease, or stay the same across each set.


For Time: 2/1.6K AAB, 15 Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35), 800m Run, 20 DB Front Rack Step-through Lunges (50/35), 1000m Row, 25 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, 200 Double Unders, 2 Legless Rope Climbs

For logistical purposes, a 4-5 minute stagger should mitigate any equipment issues, but you may substitute running for any machine work if needed. This should not take anyone longer than 20 minutes. Dumbbell weight should be something you can complete both dumbbell movements in 2 sets or less. If you struggle with chest to bar pull ups (have to do sets smaller than 5) consider scaling to chin over bar pull ups instead of CTB. A step through lunge is when you perform a forward lunge followed by a backward lunge with the same leg planted. That’s 1 rep. These will get very tough! Double unders should not take longer than 4 minutes to complete, otherwise scale the number or substitute 200 single unders. Legless rope climbs may be scaled to regular climbs or a strict pull up volume of your coach’s choosing.